Socially distanced final assembly; ‘I have really missed the classroom’

Socially distanced final assembly; ‘I have really missed the classroom’

6 July 2020

Portsmouth High School were delighted to welcome back the Year 11 girls before they make their transition into Sixth Form in September.

The girls returned for a ‘socially distanced’ assembly given by the Headmistress, Mrs Jane Prescott, before enjoying ice cream treats with their friends.

‘It is so wonderful to see you all,’ said Mrs Prescott. ‘Although circumstances are very strange we have spent the last months busy with guided home learning for you all, introducing you to Sixth Form teaching and submitting your grades which we will be excited to share with you on Results Day in August.’

Mrs Prescott ended her talk with the words to Bridge Over Troubled Water;

‘Sail on silver girl

Sail on by

Your time has come to shine

All your dreams are on their way

See how they shine

Oh, if you need a friend

I’m sailing right behind’

Thalia Burke, 16, was excited to be back in school even for a short time:

‘It was a big build up to GCSEs and we had already started lots of the revision so there was an element of disappointment, particularly not being able to do my final piece of art work. However, there is now no exam stress and I am really excited about returning to Sixth Form. We have been doing lots of pre-A Level lessons and I am taking music, geography and psychology with a plan to read psychology at university.’

Madeleine Oliver, 16, added:

‘It was at first a little disappointing not to be sitting our GCSEs but I am now happy that we will all get the grades we deserve and have spent the time really usefully doing pre-A level lessons in geography, biology and economics. I am also really looking forward to Sixth Form, Sixth Form House and taking the subjects that I really enjoy.’

Nabila Choudhury also 16, said:

‘It was frustrating not to be able to sit our exams as I was really hoping to improve my mock results. Now I am fine and excited to be focussing on mathematics, chemistry and physics at A Level. I have really missed the classroom so will eagerly look forward to coming back in September.’

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