Stormont School Raise Money for Local Charity with Captain Tom 100

Stormont School Raise Money for Local Charity with Captain Tom 100

6 May 2021

The Hart and Parker Trust is a local charity that Stormont School in Potters Bar, Hertfordshire supports. The Trust helps families with food bank parcels, baby equipment, furniture and anything that helps the daily life of an individual or a family. Hart and Parker do tremendous work in the community and one that is supported every year by Stormont School.

Due to lockdown and not being on school premises it had been difficult to organise a fundraising event. Once the school returned after lockdown, staff put some ideas together and decided that the school could take part in the Captain Tom 100 Challenge. It was a great opportunity to get outside onto the school field to have fun and raise funds for this wonderful charity. Thankfully the weather was kind and everything planned was completed.

On Friday, 30th April, Prep girls in their Year 5 and 6 bubble were first to participate and the Year 3 and 4 bubble followed to complete a course laid out by Mrs Portsmouth, Head of P.E. The field and been prepared, lines had been drawn and equipment put in place. There were repetitions of burpees, running between poles, mini hurdles, sprints and much more. Even some of the teachers and teaching assistants joined in. After lunch the Pre-Prep children did their bit for the fundraising which included running, skipping, balancing and throwing. Great fun was had by all.

The total raised so far is in excess of £700 and rising which is fantastic. All the girls and staff at Stormont School were proud to have been part of the Captain Tom 100 Challenge.

Miss Alexis Sobell, Deputy Head, who put the event together said, “As a new member of staff at Stormont School, I am so pleased that everyone enjoyed this special day. I would like to thank everyone who supported with their time or donating money.”

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