Results to be proud of at Queen’s

Results to be proud of at Queen’s

12 August 2021

Lots of smiles at The Queen’s School in Chester this morning as students celebrated superb GCSE results.

Despite having to navigate around a new way of being assessed and all of the challenges that came with it, the girl’s determination, commitment and hard work paid off.

Headmistress Mrs Sue Wallace-Woodroffe said: “I can only say how proud I am of our pupils and their phenomenal achievements. These results are testament to their resilience, hard work and positive attitude which has yet again seen them overcome all manner of challenges. I would like to acknowledge and thank our dedicated staff who have done a remarkable job in preparing and evidencing each pupil’s work. I would also like to thank our parents who have been unbelievably supportive.

“It is with great confidence that I truly believe each girl is now ready for the next stage in their academic studies. Indeed I am excited to see how they will embrace their A-levels with the same resolve and passion and as always, we will be supporting and guiding them along the way.”

A remarkable 86% of the grades achieved were at level 9, 8, 7 (A*, A) and 96% of grades were 9, 8, 7, 6 (A*-B).

60% of the overall grades were achieved at level 9/8 (A*) with almost 70% of the girls achieving nine grade 9-7 (A*, A)

The on-going pandemic meant that once again, the girls spent time studying remotely and then in bubbles and undergoing assessments.

Once the assessments concluded the girls were given the opportunity to undertake Pre A-level lessons in their chosen subjects and experience taster days in readiness for entry into Sixth Form. This has given them the unique and invaluable opportunity to get a real understanding of their A-level studies and feel more comfortable and prepared for September.

Outstanding individual results include:

Girls who achieved all grade 9/8 (A*)

Amy Agnew (9×9, 1xA*), Katie Barlow (7×9, 3×8), Raka Chattopadhyay (8×9, 2xA*), Katya Clish (7×9, 2×8,), Ottilie Goodfellow (4×9, 6×8), Jessica Harding (5×9, 5×8), Alys Kerfoot (6×9, 4×8), Rosie Meade (8×9, 2×8), Holly Mulligan (6×9, 3×8, 1xA*), Lucy Newcombe (4×9, 5×8), Eleanor Railton (9×9), Tyra Soe (6×9, 3×8), Raphaela Tant (7×9, 1×8, 1xA*) and Katie Townsend (7×9, 3×8).

Girls who achieved all grade 9-7 (A*-A)

Aarthy Aravind, Elinor Bellis, Kate Braley, Harriet Canning, Abigail Cartwright, Leila Clarke, Yasmin Fenwick, Eleanor Gill, Caitie Golding, Francesca Jennings, Holly Jones, Nadirah Khanum, Karol Labatete, Georgina Lee, Saskia Lehrle, Cara McCann, Malyssa McGarrity, Eve Runciman, Jessica Samarji, Paru Sumita, Tallulah Tilley, Eleanor Vickers and Willow Waggott.

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