Year 10s Join One Day Film School

Year 10s Join One Day Film School

4 November 2021

The girls spent the day off timetable, first learning about the history and theory of filmmaking before getting more hands-on.

The day included a session looking at various filmmaking techniques and types of shot as well as the opportunity to learn how to create an on-screen fight sequence.

In the afternoon, Year 10 tried their hand at shooting their own short silent films. They were given the challenge of telling a compelling story in just ten shots and had to try and incorporate everything they had learned earlier in the day!

A screening of all of the short films brought the One Day Film School to a close, followed by an ‘Oscars’ ceremony where an overall winner was announced.

The day was an excellent opportunity for girls to learn more about the film industry while also developing vital communication and teamworking skills.

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