Top GCSE grades for The Queen’s School

Top GCSE grades for The Queen’s School

24 August 2022

Another day of celebration at The Queen’s School in Chester this week as students collected their GCSE results.

These results showcase the hard work and positive attitude of the girls who are the first cohort to sit exams as normal since 2019, with overall grades up in all areas compared to that year.

46% of the grades achieved were at the highest level 9/8 (A*) with 67% 9/8/7 (A*- A) and 85% of grades were 9/8/7/6 (A*- B).

In addition to Year 11 girls collecting their GCSE results today, Jennifer in Year 9 got a grade 9 in Spanish and two Year 10 girls, Sia and Antonia got a grade 9 in Further Pure Maths.

Headmistress Mrs Sue Wallace-Woodroffe said: “Watching the girls and their families celebrate these superb and long-awaited results is so heart-warming and I am so proud of them all. They may have been the first cohort to have officially sat their exams as normal, but they have still had to deal with a lot of disruption and challenges and their attitude, determination and resilience has been remarkable.

“The results are just part of the story and I would also like to thank our dedicated staff who always go above and beyond to support each and every student. Our small family environment enables us to identify the needs of each student, both pastorally and academically, to ensure the added value for the individual is the number one priority.

“The girls are now ready to embrace their A-level studies as they take the next exciting step in their academic journey as sixth formers and we look forward to continuing to support and guide them.”

21% of the students achieved nine or more grade 9/8 (A*) with 43% achieving nine or more grade 9/8/7 (A*- A).

Outstanding individual results include:

Erinna Anthony (8×9, 2xA*, 1×8), Mia Clarke (2×9, 7×8, 1×7), Leandra De Kiewit (8×9, 1×8, 1xA*), Jessica Flynn (6×9, 4×8), Elsa Graham-Palmer (7×9, 1×8, 2×7), Sasha Hughes (3×9, 3×8, 3×7), Marni Hugo (6×9,2×8, 2×7), Caroline Johnson (9×9, 1xA*), Priya Kerfoot (6×9, 3×8, 1×7), Evelyn Kilikita (5×9, 4×8, 1xA*), Anoushka Paymaster-Thatcher (7×9, 1×8, 1xA*, 1×7), Maria Sdrak (1×9, 5×8, 3×7), Tia Secrette (4×9, 4×8, 2×7), Cora Turner (7×9, 1×8, 1xA*, 1×7), Freya Watson (6×9, 1×8, 3×7)

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