Heather Hanbury Named as President of the Girls’ Schools Association

Heather Hanbury Named as President of the Girls’ Schools Association

23 September 2022

Heather Hanbury has been named as President of the Girls’ Schools Association (GSA) and plans to bring sharp focus to the Association’s championing of girls, and girls only education.

As President, Heather will work closely with GSA member schools, teachers, other stakeholders, and of course girls themselves, to explain the proven benefits of girls only educational settings.

Heather believes that girls only schools are powerful catalysts for change. They have a unique understanding of girls, developed through decades of teaching. They also have close-up, first-hand experience of girls’ responses to the world they live in, its challenges and how these impact on their lives – for better or worse. She is determined to develop girls’ self-belief and confidence in their own power to change their communities, their countries and the world.

GSA President, and Head at Lady Eleanor Holles School, Heather says: “I’m proud to represent the best interests of all our students.  GSA and its members have deep experience and understanding of the transformative power of single-sex education. It can be life changing for girls, who have every right to realise their own talents and boldly play to their own strengths: to become champions in their own lives. The world needs girls who have the confidence and the courage to pursue their aspirations and ambitions. Collectively, the female voice and female action can create a more equitable world for everyone.”

Donna Stevens, GSA CEO, adds: “I welcome Heather as new President and look forward to working alongside her in our continued and important mission at GSA. Our goal is to enable our pupils to work towards a world as it should be: a place where every girl can achieve and lead. It is our firm belief that an all-girls education gifts its pupils with the skills and confidence they need to realise a brilliant life.


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