Year 10 CLC pupil presented research at World Conference on Public Health 2022

Year 10 CLC pupil presented research at World Conference on Public Health 2022

16 December 2022

Anya – a Year 10 student at Cheltenham Ladies’ College, was introduced to a research project concerning colorectal cancer during her time volunteering at Rangsit University in Thailand where she met Dr Nalinee Pradubyat, Lecturer at the Faculty of Pharmacy. They kept in contact, and later Anya was offered an opportunity to work with her on the project.

Anya’s research examines the anti-cancer effects of the Curcuma longa (Turmeric) plant on colorectal cancer, a leading cause of death worldwide. The plant is widely used as a remedy and is used in medicine to help treat different illnesses.

“The phytochemical study of the Curcuma longa plant has shown its anti-cancer effects. There have been many other studies regarding this, but by being able to carry out this ‘experiment’ with the help of a university professor really allowed me to fully grasp and add onto the current research. Even though a wide range of chemotherapeutic drugs already exist, cancer cells are able to develop drug resistance, which is why exploring new medication is essential,” said Anya.

The project was carried out by Anya over a few days with additional research and write ups afterwards. “The conclusion of the research led me to believe that additional research into the mechanism of action is necessary, as Curcuma longa presented substantial anti-cancer effects,” she said.

Anya decided to apply to talk about her research at the World Conference on Public Health 2022 (WCPH), and wrote a proposal asking to educate people about it. The title of the abstract is ‘Antiproliferative effect of Curcuma longa extract on human colorectal cancer’. She gave an online presentation of her findings at the Conference on Friday 9th December. “This was an incredible opportunity which I am very grateful for,” said Anya.

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