Student Selected to Participate in Senior Physics Challenge Camp at Cambridge

Student Selected to Participate in Senior Physics Challenge Camp at Cambridge

3 July 2023

Her selection was based on her outstanding performance on the renowned Isaac Physics website, which is operated by the physics department at the University of Cambridge.

The platform offers a wide range of challenging questions in the fields of chemistry, physics and mathematics. Alongside the question sets, it provides enriching masterclasses and specialized physics camps for students in Year 12. Recognizing the opportunity to expand her knowledge of quantum physics, Esther embarked on a daily quest to solve physics and maths problems on the website every day from October 2022.

The hard work and dedication paid off when she received an invitation to participate in the Senior Physics Challenge Camp, scheduled for early July. It will offer an immersive learning experience focused on quantum physics where Esther will have the unique opportunity to engage in two quantum physics experiments, further deepening her understanding of this fascinating subject.

Esther says of the upcoming experience: “I am looking forward to not only gaining valuable knowledge but also engaging with like-minded individuals who share my passion for physics.”

Headmistress Jane Gandee says of the achievement: “Esther is a dedicated physicist who has consistently demonstrated commitment and a wide-ranging interest in physics. Her selection for the camp is a testament to her commitment and exceptional performance.”



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