3 Examples of How St Helen’s Teaches Self-Care

3 Examples of How St Helen’s Teaches Self-Care

27 September 2023

There is no doubt that looking after the students is a priority for the teaching staff at St Helen’s school, but it is equally important that they teach the girls how to look after themselves.

“I am starting to create good habits through learning how to manage my time well with things like creating a homework timetable.”

Analya, Year 8

That’s because, as well as with the best possible exam results, St Helen’s strives to send students out into the world with the confidence, knowledge and resilience to cope with the challenges that they’re likely to encounter.

“I think our focus is different to other schools in the area. Whilst we are absolutely concerned with our students getting top grades, I am more concerned about them being happy, mentally well and able to face the world with confidence when they leave school.”

Hayley Stein, Director of Sixth Form

Here are three things the school uses to give the girls at St Helen’s the grounding and life skills they need to thrive:

Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education

Their bespoke Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education (PSHCE) program gives the students a better understanding of age-appropriate issues and challenges faced in the real world. These issues will change from year to year and are also informed by the stories that are hitting the headlines.

Why is this so important? Having this extra knowledge gives the girls an understanding of the important matters going on around them and enables them to join any conversation with confidence.

“I find PSCHE lessons helpful because they are a safe space to discuss topics, and we learn about things that might be an uncomfortable topic to talk about with friends or family.”

Emily, Year 9

Their Wellbeing Service

Strong mental health and a sense of security are vital to enable all of us to cope when life isn’t going according to plan.

The pastoral team at St Helen’s are the first port of call for student wellbeing and this is a part of their job that is taken very seriously by the staff. In the Prep School this is called the Listening Ear service and, with girls of this age, the counsellor works closely with parents.

Knowing that this kind of support is available at a moment’s notice is vital for girls struggling with any kind of issue from academic stresses to family bereavement.

“My daughter feels very safe and secure at school, she is very confident, but she also knows ‘’where to go’ or ‘who to ask’ if she has any queries or difficulties.”

Year 1 Parent

The GROW coaching model

They take a unique approach to teaching in the Sixth Form with a model that has proved to work extremely well. Class teachers and form tutors are trained in using a coaching style of tutoring, called GROW (Goals, Reality, Obstacles, Way Forward), which enables every girl to flourish.

“My GROW coach has encouraged me to be kinder to myself on a daily basis and make a more conscious effort to recognise when I have done something well.”

Ria, Year 12

As students get older and become more able to self-reflect and identify their personal ambitions in all spheres of their lives, GROW coaching empowers them to actively pursue these ambitions. This approach enables the students to take more control of their development and their own well-being.

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