North London Collegiate Awarded GOLD! TfL STARS Program

North London Collegiate Awarded GOLD! TfL STARS Program

15 September 2023

As a result of the campaigning and hard work carried out by students and staff over the last few years, NLCS are proud to have achieved GOLD accreditation with Transport for London STARS Travel Ambassadors Program.

The STARS program aims to inspire young Londoners to travel to school sustainably, actively and responsibly by championing a variety of sustainable forms of travel. It supports pupils’ wellbeing and helps to reduce congestion at the school gates; making the roads safer and improving air quality. Swapping car journeys for active travel, or using public transport effectively can make a real difference to the School, the local environment and the city – all in support of the Mayor of London’s vision for healthy streets.

The Travel Ambassadors have worked tirelessly to promote sustainable travel in the school community, creating park-and-stride and walking maps to encourage students to walk or cycle to school, organising outdoor learning days and step count competitions, alongside regularly monitoring air quality levels with the assistance of an Airly air quality monitor. NLCS achieved the GOLD award because, as a school, these initiatives have led to a 4% reduction in car use and there is hope that with the recent introduction of the Mayor of London’s ULEZ scheme, they will soon begin to see a reduction in the elevated air pollution levels in the immediate school vicinity.

Looking forward, North London Collegiate are unwavering in their dedication to building upon these achievements. Their commitment extends to embracing the challenge of becoming carbon neutral by 2030. Throughout the School, measures are constantly being put in place to make this ambitious aim a reality, with the installation of additional solar panels over the summer, the elimination of single-use plastic in the school canteen and the introduction of a comprehensive recycling system; from packaging and paper to uniform and electronic equipment.

With sustainability at the forefront of their vision, the Travel Ambassadors aim to inspire even more students and staff to adopt sustainable travel options, further reducing the School’s carbon footprint and actively participating in the realisation of the Mayor of London’s vision for healthier streets.

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