FHS Welcomes Alex Mahon, CEO of Channel 4, to speak in Hale Lecture Series

FHS Welcomes Alex Mahon, CEO of Channel 4, to speak in Hale Lecture Series

26 January 2024

Reflecting on her incredible career journey to date (which began with aspirations of becoming an astronaut), Alex’s talk focused on female leadership, developing career resilience and the importance of always utilising your unique strengths.

After leaving school with the ambition of becoming a scientist, Alex pursued studies in physics and a PhD. Her career spanned technology and 3D software design, and later transitioned into television and production management. Appointed CEO of Channel 4 in 2017, she enhanced the company’s ‘Altogether Different’ ethos, leading on major broadcasts such as the Paralympics and revolutionising the company’s digital streaming services.

During her talk and Q&A with the audience, Alex encouraged our students to think about who they are and what they like when they are deciding what career path to pursue. She also reminded us that life is not perfect (as often shown on social media!) and that we should never be afraid to be different. She also gave us three timeless pieces of advice: get done what someone tells you to do, think about how you behave and treat people how you want to be treated.

Reflecting on female leadership, Alex also drew on her experiences throughout her career and encouraged us to not let being a woman stand in our way of success. She emphasised the value of using our voices and standing up for those who are marginalised in our communities. :clap:

Alex’s talk was the latest instalment in our Hale Lecture Series, our unique academic enrichment lecture series which aims to spark excitement and enjoyment in learning beyond the classroom. Launched in Autumn 2022, the series sees our students develop key soft-skills by organising, introducing and interviewing leading experts in their respective fields. Huge thank you to Alex for sharing her time and wisdom with us this week.

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