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Climate Change – Creative Competition

March 29 2024

After the success of last year’s competition, the GSA has teamed up again with Adobe, TA Education and now Sky: The Edit to run a free creative competition for students aged 8-18.

The competition will follow the theme of Climate Change and students will use resources provided by The Edit to produce a 90-second news report using Adobe Express online or app based video editing software.

Teacher resources will be provided to allow GSA teachers to facilitate the competition independently, or schools can book a FREE online Sky Edit Workshop involving an experienced TA Education educator helping the school get started with The Edit.

Who is it for?

Open to All GSA Member Schools – Years 4 / Years 5 & 6 / Years 7 & 8 / Years 9-11 / Years 12-13.

When is it?

The competition is open from 30 October 2023 to 29 March 2024.

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How does the competition work?

  • Sky: The Edit is an opportunity for schools to introduce a digital storytelling challenge to their students. It is aimed at young people aged between 8-18 and provides them with a chance to create a 90-second news report on topics about Climate change.
  • The school will need to register for The Edit for free. Click on this link to do so. Once registered the school will have access to the video, and digital images from Sky as well as the student and teacher resources needed to complete this competition.
  • The girls will work in teams of 5. Each of them takes on a different role in this project. These are explained in the Sky: The Edit resources.
  • The creative output has to be produced in an Adobe Express product, which includes Adobe Express and Adobe Premiere Rush. For more details, click here.
  • The competition is based on a resource produced by Sky: The Edit. The creative output will be based on something that the students choose to do based on what they have learned from the resource provided. They will need to be able to have access to video recording devices such as a tablet or a phone (older girls) to help them record their news reports.
  • To enter the competition, the school needs to register its interest by completing the online registration detailed above. Once the school has registered then further information will be provided by TA Education. Register here.
  • There are five separate year group categories for schools to enter students for the competition: Years 4 / Years 5 & 6 / Years 7 & 8 / Years 9-11 / Years 12-13.
  • Any girl in each school is welcome to take part in the competition as part of a team of 4-5 girls. However, the school will need to select the best two entries for each year group category and submit them by 29th March 2024.

Judging & Prizes

The winning entries will be judged by Adobe, The GSA and TA Education.

Prizes have yet to be finalised but will include the following for each of the age ranges:

A visit to Sky Up Academy Studios (London or Livingstone) for the winning school’s class

  • Trophy for the winners
  • Unique Adobe/Sky hoodies for the winners
  • Trophy for the winning school

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Extra Support

If you need support with Adobe Express and whether your school has it or not, please contact [email protected] where can help you get Adobe Express for your school.

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