City of London School for Girls

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Situated in the heart of the Barbican, City beats with the cultural energy and ambition of the Capital and the world beyond, through international school partnerships, exchanges, digital learning and with a diverse pupil body from every corner of the world.

We relish all the benefits of our location: our immediate access to world-class galleries, theatres and concert-halls, being in the heart of the world’s financial centre and hosting great numbers of eminent guest speakers. Our partners in the City, City of London Boys school, the City Corporation family of schools, livery companies and local businesses in the City creates an unparalleled range and quality of extra-curricular opportunity and community service for our pupils.

The school is unashamedly proud of its stellar results in public examinations and our leavers’ university destinations, but prouder of the scholarship of teachers and pupils that underpins them. Our outstanding results are kept in their place; they are welcome by-products of the real business of education: inspiring a love of learning and championing future thinkers.

City of London School for Girls is a place of conversation, of curious, lively minds engaging with ideas and with each other. We enjoy and encourage education risk-taking: from Prep pupils mudlarking Thames-side, to hard-hitting discussion in whole school debates and probing questions in lectures.

This is an intellectually exciting place, but unstuffy, grounded and great fun. We are cosmopolitan, drawing pupils from a wide geographical area and offering significant numbers of means-tested bursaries. Our social and cultural diversity are central to the school’s identity, creating a lively, warm and inclusive community in the heart of the City. Our excellent pastoral care translates into happy, thoughtful and unaffected girls, who respect each other and love their school. City Girls are proud of their learning and of themselves.

Our aim at City is to empower young women, champion future thinkers and celebrate the power of difference.

Gifted & Talented

Our teachers develop extension and enrichment activities which also take account of the need to differentiate between very bright pupils. A programme of extension is integrated into the curriculum and through extra-curricular activities.

Our most able pupils may be offered the possibility to take on extra subjects at GCSE or A Level. We also offer Higher and Extended Project Qualifications (HPQs and EPQs). The Head of the Prep School ensures that pupils in the Prep are provided with a full range of enriching and challenging age appropriate activities.


Whole year screening takes place in the first term of Y7 measuring ability in spelling, reading and comprehension skills. Low scores will generate an initial meeting with the SENCO and a course of differentiated quality first teaching put into practice.

When a pupil has been identified as having SEN, the school takes action to remove barriers to learning and put effective special educational provision in place. SEN support is revised and refined with a growing understanding for the pupil’s needs as they progress through the school.

Bursaries & Scholarships

e believe that City’s vast range of educational opportunities must be open to girls who will benefit most from learning here, not just those who can afford the fees.

We are committed to providing school places to girls regardless of financial means and we therefore offer bursaries and scholarships for entry into Year 7 (11+) and Year 12 (16+) to families who might not initially consider City for their daughter for financial reasons. Over 20% of our Senior School girls currently receive some form of financial assistance, whether a small scholarship or a full fee bursary.

Bursary awards range from smaller awards right up to 100% (full fee) awards. These awards are all means tested.
Although we do not offer Academic scholarships, we do do provide small scholarships in Music, Drama, Sports and Art.

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