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More House is a small school which means big business.

Our size means that we are small enough to meet the learning needs of each individual but large enough to challenge and provide a wealth of opportunities – academic, sporting, musical, artistic, social and more. We recognise that each individual has something unique that only they can contribute to the growth and development of the school. We have outstanding pastoral support to enable our girls to flourish in a caring environment that recognises and cherishes each one as an individual.

We are not a ‘hot house’ but a ‘green house’. We will support each girl in achieving her full academic potential while also preparing her for the challenges ahead. Girls are encouraged to examine their religious, philosophical and ethical values, to prepare them for the changes they will face in the adult world. They are expected to be tolerant, thoughtful, and good stewards of the life they have been given and the world in which they live and to act with integrity, honesty, and a sense of justice. At More House, these values are evidenced in the way we treat one another, how we serve others and our responsibility for others less fortunate than ourselves.
We believe that when your daughter leaves More House, she will not only have the qualifications she needs to pursue the courses and careers of her choice but also the self-confidence and composure to meet the challenges in an ever-changing world.

The aims of the school are as follows:
• Cultivate inspiring and successful young women by fostering Commitment, Integrity and Compassion
• Promote an ethos of spiritual development, humility and self-awareness, founded on the Catholic Faith but relevant to those who adhere to other faiths and beliefs, or none.
• Engender a culture of intellectual curiosity both inside and outside of the classroom and pride in individual and collective achievement
• Provide for the social and emotional wellbeing and development of pupils and staff through tolerance, justice and openness in an environment where all are equally valued and where individual rights and dignity are respected
• Embrace the philosophy of Global Citizenship by developing an awareness and understanding of whole world sensitivities and the importance of living sustainably

Everyone at More House is part of a community – we are not just a school, we are a family.


  • Head Faith Hagerty
  • Faith Hagerty
  • Age range 11 - 18
  • Day / Boarding Day
  • Religious affiliation Catholic
  • Exams
  • 14+ GCSE
  • 16+ A Level, Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)
  • Fees (per term) September 2023 - August 2024
  • Senior School
    • £8,275 per term
  • Sixth Form
    • £8,275 per term
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Bursaries & Scholarships


Bursaries are considered for pupils entering the school in Year 7 and thus will be in place before the academic year starts. It is the policy of More House School to support promising and suitable pupils whose parents are unable to pay full fees. The Board of Governors of the School are committed to broadening access by offering to eligible parents’ means-tested support up to 100% of fees.

Special governors’ bursaries may be awarded at any point in the academic year and will normally be in response to a particular set of circumstances, as well as having special provisions attached. Hardship bursaries are usually awarded only to girls already in the school and in examination years.


At More House we aim to award and encourage excellence. Our scholarship programme enables us to work with pupils, parents and previous schools to identify and foster the potential of more able pupils, ensuring that they receive the best possible opportunity to develop their talent. All scholarships are competitive and our assessment and interview process seeks to give all pupils an opportunity to demonstrate their individual talents and potential.

There is a 25% fee remission for all Academic scholarships at 11+ and 16+ in school fees and the research grants are non means-tested. Other scholarships are offered in the form of grants to pupils with particular talents in Art, Music, Drama, Sport to encourage their appetite for research, enquiry and development.

The value can be rolled together for a maximum of two years for any un-spent allocation (eg. a contribution of £1,000 could be made for a summer course based on two years of scholarship). The award of a scholarship is reviewed annually based on student performance and commitment. All Scholars will have been identified as belonging to the ‘high attainers’ group in a relevant subject area and will therefore be tracked and provided for in line with the school’s More Able policy, as part of our Be More programme. They will also be required to attend a ‘Showcase’ event during the year to talk about the use of their grant. Scholarship grants are awarded at the main entry points of the School, namely Year 7 and Sixth Form.

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Scholarships & Bursaries offered
  • Academic scholarships
  • Art scholarships
  • Bursaries for new entrants
  • Drama scholarships
  • Hardship awards for existing pupils
  • Music scholarships
  • Sixth Form scholarships
  • Sport scholarships


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