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Putney High School is one of the UK’s leading schools with a reputation for academic excellence combined with outstanding opportunity. Girls aged 4–18 develop into inspired learners, well-supported within a warm and vibrant community that allows girls to flourish, both inside the classroom and beyond.

Founded in 1893, Putney High School has been at the forefront of educating girls for 125 years. Part of the Girls’ Day School Trust (GDST), the leading network of independent girls’ schools in the UK, Putney has a proud tradition of innovative, ambitious teaching that nurtures talent and prepares pupils for a complex 21st century world. The most recent Independent Schools Inspectorate report, which awarded Putney the highest possible grading in every category, concluded: “A spirit of innovation, openness and creativity” pervades Putney High School.

We develop a culture of intellectual agility, with girls stretched, challenged and supported by staff keen to nurture the same sense of academic curiosity that they themselves enjoy. Students have fun and can take risks, secure in the knowledge they are in a safe environment and able to take ownership in all aspects of school life. We lead in digital innovation – all girls have their own iPads from year 7 onwards.

Students go on to some of the best universities around the world, from Stanford in the USA to Oxford, Cambridge, LSE and Durham amongst others, as well as to music conservatoires and art colleges.

The Junior School promotes a love of learning through active, exciting experiences within and outside the classroom. We aim to develop mental agility through high quality, inspirational teaching. Philosophy and debating develop critical thinking skills. Every pupil from Year 1–6 has a timetabled Opening Minds lesson to teach learning dispositions which will help her to thrive – resilience, resourcefulness, creativity, perseverance and tenacity.

Gifted & Talented

We are committed to ensuring each girl realises her academic potential to the full. Our Gifted and Talented provision is designed to create an inspiring learning environment to which all students will respond – one which provides real stimulus to pupils who are particularly able. Our provision runs from Reception to our World Class Universities Programme, designed to offer girls the support they need to secure offers from the best universities globally.


The Learning Enrichment department at Putney High School aims to enable students to maximise their potential within the curriculum and extra curricular activities.

Most special educational needs will be met in the normal course of activity but some may require additional support from the Learning Enrichment department or from other specialist professionals.

Any intervention is always tailored to the needs of the individual and a student may have learning support either throughout or at any time during their school career in one or many areas of the curriculum.

Bursaries & Scholarships

We are committed to offering opportunities to bright girls whose parents would not be able to afford the fees. The GDST has its own means-tested Bursary Scheme. Bursaries are available in Senior School and Sixth Form.

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