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Wimbledon High School GDST marries academic success with an exciting and ambitious co-curricular offering and an innovative programme of pastoral care. Our GROW initiative addresses head-on the challenges of being a girl and young woman in the 21st century.

The first school to hold a ‘failure week’ back in 2012, we follow this up every year with initiatives to encourage risk-taking and resilience. From stand-up comedy nights to running partnership work, from co-curricular activities to organising annual Happiness Festivals and Clever Clogs conferences, our student body get stuck into all aspects of school life. Girls find and use their voices not just in school – online blogs and magazines – but also beyond. They are unselfconscious, comfortable in their own skin and leave school prepared to go out into the world and shake it up.

Academically, we are thought-leaders, with a pioneering Teaching and Learning blog written weekly by students and staff. We have truly embraced cross-curricular learning, with two scientists in residence working across Juniors and Seniors to foster STEAM, putting the Arts into STEM. The skills of problem solving, creativity and collaboration prepare them for what is likely to be an ever changing work environment and jobs which we cannot yet imagine.


We offer a range of support for students with specified learning needs, within a framework of high achievement.

All students are screened within a year of joining the Senior School. If learning difficulties are identified, our Learning Support Co-ordinator will make recommendations to help the student and her parents – we very much encourage a dialogue between home and school – and will advise staff on specific teaching strategies. Form teachers and Heads of Year work together with the Learning Support Co-ordinator to form a network of support and concern, encouraging students and monitoring their progress.

Bursaries & Scholarships

At 11+ Music Scholarships
Sports Scholarships
Academic Scholarships

At 16+ Academic Scholarships
Science Scholarships
Art, Drama, Sports, Music Scholarships

We have a number of means-tested bursaries (up to 100% fees) available at 11+ and 16+.

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