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St George’s, Ascot is an independent boarding and day school for girls aged 11 to 18 years. We are located approximately 25 miles west of central London on a beautiful, leafy 30 acre site, within walking distance of Ascot High Street. We are a welcoming school with a warm sense of community and visitors often comment on the perceptible supportive and cheerful atmosphere.

Most girls join St George’s in First Year (Year 7); there are around 35 girls in each of the first two years and we keep class sizes deliberately small so that that each girl is individually known. An additional class is added at Third Year (Year 9) with girls joining from 13+ prep schools and girls may also join in the Sixth Form, and occasionally in Second Year (Year 8) and Fourth Year (Year 10).

We believe that a happy and successful school is one where all pupils have the opportunities to develop their strengths. The richness of the opportunities within and outside the classroom are fundamental elements of the St George’s experience. This allows the girls to foster the confidence, independence and academic curiosity that lead to success.

Our academic results are impressive, with the ‘value-added’ in public examinations a real strength. We understand how girls learn effectively and we regularly add at least one grade higher at GCSE and A Level than baseline testing would suggest. As the girls progress through the school, bespoke advice on subject options, universities and careers, as part of a thorough academic tracking process, gives each girl, and her parents, a sense of where her strengths lie and where she should be heading.

We also offer an extensive range of opportunities, clubs and activities with a significant focus on the arts, music and sport. The girls work hard and play hard, they value each other’s abilities, and there is a positive and supportive pastoral and boarding ethos.

St George’s is a place where girls flourish academically, creatively, physically and morally, a place where risks can be taken, lessons are learnt, and challenges are welcomed. We strive for the very best for our girls and by developing their love of learning, their academic potential and their individual talents, we are able to nurture them to become happy, responsible, well balanced and resilient young women in the twenty-first century.

Fifth Year and Sixth Form girls have the opportunity to attend the Law and Politics Society lectures at Eton as well as regular lectures at Royal Holloway. Other activities on offer include Model United Nations, where girls prepare for national conferences representing countries in a mock UN event; cookery clubs taught by our in-house team; and a Book Club for staff and students. Many girls also become involved in joint concerts and productions with local boys’ schools. The Sixth Form Enrichment Programme, which takes place every other week is structured to provide the Sixth Form with the information and skills to prepare for university life.

Able, Gifted & Talented

The top 5% of pupils per school are defined by the Government as ‘able, gifted and talented’. Here at St George’s this includes able pupils who regularly attain marks in the top 5-10% of their cohort for tests and examinations, talented girls who show an exceptional ability in a specific field of art, music, drama or sport or those girls who possess an ability in a specific subject that is significantly greater than most of their peers.

There is no single method of identification, as every AGT student is individual. However every department here at the school will gather specific identification criteria, academically assess and test pupils and operate an enrichment programme designed to identify those as AGT.

St George’s provides for AGT pupils through two main paths: enrichment and differentiation. Enrichment refers to clubs, outings, trips and extra-curricular projects and special events designed to stretch and stimulate AGT pupils beyond the curriculum. These do not need to be exclusively for AGT pupils and whenever possible are differentiated to allow wider participation. In terms of differentiation, AGT pupils’ understanding of standard curriculum topics is strengthened and then extended so that they apply their knowledge to more challenging problems.


One of the aims of St George’s is that every pupil should have the facility to achieve her full potential. The concept of ‘special needs’ is not just related to children with learning difficulties but to all children with special needs, including those who are intellectually able or with exceptional talents in other fields. Pupils with specific learning difficulties can also be educationally gifted and our staff are alert to each pupil in the school and understand their strengths and their weaknesses.

St George’s is committed to equal opportunities for all and we aim to meet the needs of each of our pupils. We encourage our pupils to become independent learners and to enjoy their school days, reaching their potential in an environment of recognition, understanding and support.

For those with additional educational needs, a regular cycle of testing, assessment, planning and review enables us to identify areas for development and support as soon as possible. Individual Educational Plans form the basis both of the Learning Support lessons and of the progress of our pupils in the wider school. They are regularly reviewed and parents are informed and arrangements for lessons are made directly between parents and the Helen Arkell Dyslexia Centre, with whom we work in partnership.

Bursaries & Scholarships

St George’s offers 11+, 13+ and Sixth Form scholarships each year for excellence in:

– Academic performance
– Art
– Drama
– Music
– Performing Arts
– Sport

Scholarships are designed to reward excellence and to celebrate exceptional talent. In recognition of their achievement, Scholars are offered a reduction in the
tuition fees. Details of the arrangements will be sent to all who express an interest. Scholarships are conditional on a girl’s satisfactory conduct and contribution to the school. Scholarships are worth up to 10% of tuition fees. In exceptional cases, an Exhibition worth up to 5% of tuition fees may be awarded to girls with talent in one or more of the areas outlined below.

We encourage parents of Scholars who anticipate that they will experience difficulty in meeting the balance of the tuition fees to apply at the same time for one of the school’s means-tested bursaries (overleaf) when they register their daughter.

A limited number of means-tested bursaries are available to support girls whose parents are not able to afford the fees in whole, or part, subject to availability of funds. For details, please contact the Bursar.

Contact details
Bursar: Mrs Julia Wood

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