The Ladies’ College

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“Fais ce que dois advienne que pourra: Do your duty come what may”

Welcome to The Ladies’ College.

If you have not visited The Ladies’ College, based in St Peter Port, Guernsey, then we would urge you to do so. The College is a friendly, vibrant independent school providing specialist education for girls from 2½ to 18 years old. The College is justifiably proud of its outstanding academic reputation: the pace of work is fast and expectations are high. Excellent education is, however, more than just examination results. On offer is a friendly and supportive environment which aims to develop confident young people who take responsibility and have strong values for themselves and are supportive towards others.

The girls are rounded, grounded and determined with a sense of purpose and responsibility and fun at our heart. Everyone works to the best of their ability. Curiosity and creativity are all encouraged, recognising the need to develop grit and resilience as steps are taken towards goals, which develops confidence and the realisation of ambitions.

We recognize that girls and boys learn differently and we provide an education that is tailored specifically to their needs. We believe that there should be no limitations to your daughter’s ambition, either professionally or personally. She will be encouraged to reach for the stars, confident that she has the skills, ability, talent and support to achieve anything that she sets her mind to. By the time she reaches Sixth Form she will be ready to join students from Elizabeth College, our partnership boys school, as she prepares academically and socially for the wider world by learning in a co-education environment. Until then we provide a safe, risk-taking environment where your daughter can learn without fear of being put down or of being ignored.

To find out more, please view our website, or to register for a place, please contact our Registrar. We will be delighted to arrange a visit and to answer your questions.

Gifted & Talented

Junior : Skilled, Motivated and Talented Programme.

Senior : ‘Gifted & Talented’ register.

Stretch and challenge opportunities offered to all pupils.

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

The College employs a full time Specialist Learning Support Coordinator and a part time Learning Support Coordinator to give all students opportunities to learn and make good progress.

Bursaries & Scholarships

23 Scholarships per year for Senior School provided by States of Guernsey, assessed via 11 + tests.

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