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Located in Hampton on the outskirts of south-west London, the school balances opportunities for outstanding scholarship with impressive achievements in sport and exciting creativity in the arts. With superb facilities set in twenty-four acres, girls are offered a well-rounded and challenging education in a very happy, purposeful environment, preparing them well for higher education and their future lives. The school educates around 190 in the Junior School, with entry to the Junior School at the age of 7, and 700 in the Senior School, coming from a very wide catchment area, and from many different maintained and independent schools.

Gifted & Talented

While the Senior School aims to provide a curriculum which has “breadth, balance and relevance to students of high ability” and which will “challenge, stimulate and encourage an enquiring mind”, it also is aware of the demands and needs of the more able students, and is committed to meeting those needs. However, where possible and appropriate, it also aims to avoid making provision that is seen as exclusive, and which deters other bright and enthusiastic pupils from involvement or development. For more information, or to view our Junior or Senior School policies, please contact the Registrar.


The school aims to help every child achieve her full potential, and so is keen to identify any special educational needs as soon as possible in a pupil’s school career. There is a screening programme for all new entrants to the school and follow-up help in terms of learning support and further assessment is offered, if necessary, by the school’s Learning Support Consultant. Most needs at LEH relate to mild cases of dyslexia and dyspraxia. Every effort is made to ensure that all pupils are adequately supported in all areas of school life.  The school’s SEN policy is available on the website

Bursaries & Scholarships

Entry into the Sixth Form (Year 12): The School awards Academic Scholarships to pupils entering the sixth form (Year 12).

Entry into the Third Form (Year 7): The School awards Academic Scholarships to those entering the third form (Year 7).

All applicants to the School will sit an entrance examination and, depending on their performance in the examination, will be interviewed. To be eligible for an Academic Scholarship applicants must perform outstandingly well in the entrance process.

The School also offers Scholarships in Music at Year 7 and Year 12 and in Art, Drama and Sport at Year 12. All Scholarships will be for 10% of the tuition fee and are not subject to subsequent financial assessment.


Bursary awards are subject to repeat testing of parental means each year and may be varied upwards or downwards, depending on parental circumstances. As a very rough guide parents / guardians whose combined income is less than £23,000 could be offered a 100% discount on the tuition fees whilst those with a combined income of £60,000 + are unlikely to qualify for assistance. Though awards are generally tied to this scale, they may be varied upwards or downwards depending on individual parents /guardians’ circumstances (e.g. their savings, investments and realisable assets, as well as their income, the size of their family, any other persons dependent upon them and like factors), compassionate or other pertinent considerations. Visit for further information.

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