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Set in a leafy area of central Exeter in Devon, The Maynard School is a leading independent day school for girls aged 4 -18 (Reception – Year 13).

Steeped in a rich history dating back to 1658, The Maynard today is so much more than a top academic school. Over the years we have built an outstanding reputation for excellence in the Arts, Music and Sport whilst our pastoral care is widely regarded as second to none.

We are a School where happy girls carve for themselves successful futures, create everlasting friendships and enduring childhood memories.

As the second oldest girls’ school in the country, we pride ourselves on being experts in educating girls. Statistically it is a proven fact that girls in single-sex schools outperform their peers and the Maynard’s long history is testament to this success.

We are an academically selective school and our students achieve outstanding public examination results year-on-year. League tables consistently place us as one of the highest performing schools in the South West.

However, a Maynard education isn’t just about academic achievement. It is about so much more; we boast numerous individual and team champions in the sporting arena with access to some of the best facilities available; we celebrate our femininity and are proud to offer Food & Nutrition and Textiles & Fashion classes as a life-skill; we are one of the highest achieving schools for music and drama in the county; we relish our timetable packed with trips and workshops to be enjoyed by the whole school. But we take our greatest pride from the happy, ambitious and successful students with whom we have the pleasure to work with each day!

At its core, The Maynard is an outstanding school that has deep rooted values and a clear moral purpose. We hope that when your daughter departs for the next stage in her life, she will take with her lasting friendships, have fostered a passion for life as well as learning and own the confidence to take on every new adventure.


Helping individuals to reach their potential irrespective of need is an important part of our learning support provision.Interested parents are encouraged to make an appointment with the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) via the Admissions Office. The needs of the potential student can be discussed and a taster day and assessment can be tailored to fit individual circumstances.

On joining the school all students are screened for underlying processing difficulties and memory skills which may affect their academic progress. If difficulties are detected in the classroom or through the screening programme, parents will be informed and the type of support possible in school explored.

The school adheres to the principles and definitions of The Department for Education SEND Code Of Practice (September 2014).  The school is committed to making all reasonable adjustments to ensure that no disabled student or potential student is significantly disadvantaged compared to students who are not disabled.

Whilst a student may not necessarily be defined as having Special Educational Needs, the school aims to provide an appropriate level of learning support to those who are experiencing any difficulty in The Maynard curriculum. Our SENCO works with students and colleagues to ensure that, where the need for support is identified, appropriate strategies are put in place in accordance with individual needs.

Bursaries & Scholarships

Fees assistance at The Maynard School takes two forms: Means-tested Bursaries, based on parental income, and Awards or Scholarships which are awarded to girls who are academically exceptional, have particular talents in Music, Sport, Art or Performing Arts, or are all-rounders who contribute significantly to school life.

Means-Tested Support

If your daughter would benefit from the educational experience at the Maynard School, but your family is not in a position to cover the full fees, she may well be eligible for a means-tested bursary. A bursary is calculated by the Finance Office and can account for up to a 45% reduction in fees according to parental income, but as a general guide, a family with a combined income of over £50,000 is unlikely to be considered. Applicants will be asked to submit evidence of income and other financial information. This will be reviewed annually and continue through your daughter’s time at the school, including the Sixth Form.

To apply for a Bursary, click here.

Maynard Awards

Launched in September 2016, the Maynard Award Programme is a new initiative which mirrors the strong ethos of The Maynard School – that an excellent education should be accessible to the most talented and gifted girls, regardless of household income.

We are committed to offering opportunities to girls from all sectors of the community to access all that we, as the leading independent girls’ school in the South West, have to offer.

Maynard Awards will be available to girls who can demonstrate outstanding academic and/or extracurricular achievements which would further enhance our vibrant community, exemplifying the ethos of our school.

The Maynard Awards are for students joining the school at any age from Upper 3 (Year 7) to Lower 6 and incorporate two key elements:

  • A scholarship awarded at the discretion of the Headmistress, primarily for academic ability but enhanced due to sporting, musical or creative talent.
  • A means-tested bursary, based on total family income.

To apply for a Maynard Award, contact our Admissions Department on or 01392 355998.


At The Maynard School we offer a range of Scholarships to reflect academic, sporting, musical or creative talent.

Scholarships are awarded annually to talented girls who will make an outstanding contribution to the school at Upper 3 (Year 7), Upper 4 (Year 9) and Lower 6. Scholarships are conditional upon the recipient’s active and full participation in appropriate academic, sporting, musical or creative activities at the school.

All Scholarships are worth 10% of the full school fees.

Scholarships for 11+ entry into the Senior School in Upper 3 (Year 7)

For Internal & External Candidates:

Creative Arts (includes Performing Arts and Art)

2 x Music Exhibitions – Cost of tuition fees for 10 instrumental or vocal lessons per term.

Scholarships for 13+ entry into the Senior School in Upper 4 (Year 9)

For External Candidates:

Creative Arts (includes Performing Arts and Art)

Scholarships for entry into the Sixth Form

For Internal & External Candidates:

Creative Arts (includes Performing Arts and Art)*
Music (Walter Daw)*

* Scholars also have the opportunity to apply for additional funding of up to £150 pa.

Please contact our Admissions Department on or 01392 355998 for more information on Scholarships or to request an application form.

For more information on fees assistance, please contact the Bursar’s Office on 01392 355990 or

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