Musical Magic at Cobham Hall

Musical Magic at Cobham Hall

28 January 2017

The pupils were given the opportunity to learn performance skills which would prepare them to join pupils from Cobham Hall in their forthcoming production of the circus musical ‘Barnum’; based on the life of the great American showman and entrepreneur, Phineas T Barnum.  The School is currently rehearsing a revival of this popular show in order to showcase the many and various talents of their pupils. The guests learned a number from the show entitled ‘Bigger isn’t Better’, which is sung by Major General Tom Thumb when he visits London as part of Barnum’s travelling American show.

The Workshop’s participants will go on to take a part in the production in March 2017.  The Workshop was co-led by Mr Matthew Haas, from Cobham Hall’s Music Department, and Miss Natasha Elliott, from the Drama Department.  Both teachers were very impressed by the energy and enthusiasm shown by the young cast members and look forward to working with them further.

“This will be the first time that students from other schools have been invited to take part in a Cobham Hall production,” explained Mrs Trisha Gough, the Show’s Director, “I think it is a fantastic opportunity for both our girls and our guests from local prep and primary schools to work together towards an artistic goal.”

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