BGS Supporting International Day of the Girl

BGS Supporting International Day of the Girl

11 October 2017

Bedford Girls’ School is proud to #StandUpSpeakUp and support International Day of the Girl, which supports more opportunities for girls and increases awareness of gender inequality across the globe.

We believe that every girl has an equal right to education; this is inherent through our collaboration with Educate Girls, India who holistically tackle issues at the root cause of gender inequality in India’s education system. Educate Girls believes that if girls in educationally backward communities are educated, they will have the potential to have a voice, enter the formal economy and gain employment, which will help reduce poverty.  

This is our third year supporting Educate Girls, every year our Year 9 pupils lead student led initiatives across the school to raise funds and awareness for this vital cause. Working across the Junior and Senior Schools, they coordinate activities including Red Ribbon Day, Bollywood themed evenings and take part in sponsored walks; which replicates the distance many young girls in India walk daily just to receive a basic education. They also go in to the community and talk to other schools, at old peoples’ homes and local businesses.

We are proud to sign the pledge and share our support for the National Coalition of Girls’ Schools forum, and believe that empowering girls through education will help create equal opportunities worldwide.


About Educate Girls

Educate Girls ( is a registered non-governmental organization that increases enrolment, retention, and learning outcomes for girls in marginalized communities in India.

Educate Girls works to improve access and quality of education in educationally backward, gender gap districts by collaborating with the government, teachers, parents, community members, and the girls themselves to advance education quality and universal access. From a 500 schools pilot in 2007, Educate Girls has metamorphosed to an organization catering over 16,000 schools across over 12,000 villages in 13 Educationally Backward districts of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. Since its inception in 2007, Educate Girls has brought over 1,50,000 out-of-school girls back to schools, improved learning outcomes of 6,00,000 children and has impacted over 40 lac children. The organisation comprises 1,500 full-time staff and over 10,000 dedicated community volunteers.

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