Resilience Day at St. Francis’ College

Resilience Day at St. Francis’ College

10 July 2019

St. Francis’ College has taken a day off timetable to explore failing and how to build resilience. The idea is to encourage pupils to be willing to take risks and understand that ‘failing’ is part of the journey to success. The Headmistress Mrs Bronwen Goulding commented: “ Too often high performing girls can be too focused on being perfect and not making mistakes. This can cause anxiety about failure and in its turn reduce a pupil’s willingness to take a risk in the classroom. There are many things in life which do not always go to plan and sometimes a willingness to revisit a problem rather than be defeated by it is needed.”

The College had a series of activities and assemblies and workshops to explore what can be learned from failure and how to respond to it. How to build resilience.

The Headmistress said, “ In a social media world, where our young people are surrounded constantly by images of perfection and success which bear no resemblance to the challenge and obstacles that real life brings, they do not have the skills to learn how to manage disappointment and challenge.”

“We want them to be brave when faced with disappointment or challenge and to have the skills to cope.” she added.

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