A special retirement surprise for Liz after 39 years at Monmouth

A special retirement surprise for Liz after 39 years at Monmouth

20 August 2019

Friends and former colleagues threw a surprise party for a loyal and dedicated woman who has retired after 39 years’ outstanding service at Monmouth School for Girls.

Miss Liz Goulding gave total dedication during her time at Haberdashers’ Monmouth Schools and has been a wonderful colleague and a good friend to many.

Miss Goulding hails from New Zealand and will soon be travelling back to her homeland where she will spend retirement with her family.

Miss Goulding, for many years, excelled as the Head’s personal assistant.

An outstanding organiser, Liz arranged many important school events such as Speech Day, guest visits, interviews, Eisteddfod and St Catherine’s Day.

Dr Brenda Despontin and Mrs Dorothy Newman were among the former headmistresses who returned to Monmouth for the special occasion on Thursday 20th August at St Mary’s Priory Rooms.

More than 50 people, one from as far away as Birmingham, attended the gathering organised by Liz’s friends Mrs Julie Lewis, Mrs Frances Green and Mrs Gloria Sheppard.

“I had the great pleasure of working with Liz for 11 years and we never had a cross word,” said Dr Despontin.

“You have been a wonderful colleague and a terrific friend to us all for which we thank you. No-one more than you deserves a happy and fulfilling retirement.”

Dr Despontin praised Miss Goulding for her integrity, discretion, loyalty, professionalism, commitment, attention to detail and a deep sense of duty.

“All of us who were fortunate to work closely with Liz knows just how much she has done to ensure that things ran smoothly at Monmouth School for Girls,” said Dr Despontin.

“Above all, Liz is unfailingly kind, organised and efficient with an immense corporate knowledge and a genuine interest in the school and the students.”

Liz, who was given a standing ovation by her friends, said: “The party was a complete surprise and means the world to me.”

She told those present: “You all mean the world to me. It is because of you and your friendship that I have stayed in Monmouth for so long.

“This community has been everything to me and I will miss you all when I leave Monmouth for New Zealand.”

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