Malvern St James Product Design University Preparation

Malvern St James Product Design University Preparation

1 July 2020

During the second half of the Summer Term, Malvern St James Girls’ School created bespoke programmes for Year 13 girls to attend to help prepare them for University and work.

For the final session of her Year 13 Product Design University Preparation course, Chloe introduced Ms Rolfe to the delights of Canwood Art Gallery & Sculpture Park.

It was a wonderful opportunity to take a stroll amongst the incredible artwork, set against the stunning Herefordshire landscape.

Canwood has strong links with the MSJ community, with Indi’s Wave being the most cherished sculpture in the park. Chloe could not have chosen a more fitting venue to reflect on her time at MSJ and contemplate her future at University and beyond.

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