Prior’s Field – Working in Harmony

Prior’s Field –  Working in Harmony

24 March 2021

The G Live stage may be currently in darkness, but this was not a barrier to Prior’s Field and three other local schools who usually perform there each March in support of the Rotary Club of Guildford. They gathered together virtually and have delivered a stunning performance which has lit up the airways.

The annual event held at G Live and hosted by the Rotary Club of Guildford District was cancelled this year, but the Directors of Music in all four schools wanted to keep the spirit alive while also benefiting a worthy cause supported by the Rotary: Challengers, a local charity that supports disabled children through their Preschool, Play and Youth schemes across the South East.

One of the positive outcomes of the most recent lockdown for Prior’s Field students has been the opportunity to take part in this combined schools virtual performance of Coldplay’s “Fix You”. Collaborating once again with our usual G Live companions, the Duke of Kent School, Christ’s College and George Abbot.

There was no hesitation from the pupils who were eager to join together through music despite the complexities of recording virtually from their homes. Twenty-one of our girls made their own contributions to the recorded track and to the video that features around ninety students all together

The Director of Music Trevor Pratt commented – “The opportunity to musically collaborate with other schools in a professional venue such as G Live is such a valuable and rewarding experience for every young musician and vocalist. We were so delighted we could in some way capture some of that experience by making this recording and are of course hugely hopeful we can make a return to the real thing at G Live in 2022”.

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