Teamwork and collaboration at Sixth Form residential

Teamwork and collaboration at Sixth Form residential

14 September 2021

Day three of a new school year saw our Year 12 and 13 girls head off to The Conway Centre in Anglesey to enjoy a variety of outdoor pursuits aimed at improving teamwork and communication.

In small year group teams, pupils built their own rafts from a store of wooden poles, plastic barrels and rope. These were then put to the test on the Menai Straits and thankfully all of them proved to be seaworthy!

There was strong competition from the staff, too, with Mr Magill and Dr Scherer leading the race back to the dock on Saturday morning in spite of a number of sabotage attempts from Year 13!

Out in the forest, pupils worked together to solve logic puzzles and physical challenges, helping each other to scale sheer walls and traverse the low ropes. As always the staff were hugely impressed by the students’ capacity to embrace all challenges and were proud of the way in which they encouraged their peers so warmly and so genuinely.

In the evening the girls enjoyed a well-earned hot meal and put their brain cells to the test in a ‘Pub’ Quiz before heading to bed exhausted but proud of what they had achieved.

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