Bromley High School, GDST appoints new Headmistress, Mrs Emily Codling

Bromley High School, GDST appoints new Headmistress, Mrs Emily Codling

8 September 2022

Mrs Codling was previously Headteacher at Eden Park High School, a highly successful free school in the London Borough of Bromley, which she founded for the Education for the 21st Century Trust five years ago. Mrs Codling oversaw the master planning and design of Eden Park and the creation of an aspirational curriculum and culture, which has seen the school become highly sought-after since its launch in 2016.

Mrs Codling worked with the Education for the 21st Century Trust for fifteen years, holding numerous leadership positions across the Trust’s schools. It was her outstanding track record and her rising up the ranks that meant she was handpicked to set up the Trust’s free school when the opportunity arose. She also has plenty of experience in working within a Trust, having been responsible for ensuring all eight of their schools reached the Trust’s high and demanding standards.

Mrs Codling herself was educated at Croydon High School GDST and brings with her a deep commitment to the values of the GDST and girls’ education. Indeed, she has had a long-held ambition to return to the GDST and to be part of a forward looking and enlightened organisation that champions girls and equips them to take charge of their own futures.

“I am delighted to be afforded the opportunity to return to the GDST family, and to join Bromley High School in particular. I look forward to working with the Trust, the school’s governing board, staff, students and parents to secure a place in the forefront of young women’s education for this prestigious school,” said Mrs Codling.

As the school celebrates its 140th anniversary next year, Mrs Codling’s first steps as the new Headmistress will be launching the school’s Towards 140 strategy.

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