£3.3 million raised to empower young minds at Loughborough Schools Foundation

£3.3 million raised to empower young minds at Loughborough Schools Foundation

29 June 2023

A record-breaking £3.3 million marks an incredible fundraising milestone at the Loughborough Schools Foundation, with the generous donations going towards the funding of life-changing academic opportunities and co-curricular experiences for pupils.

This substantial philanthropic sum, which has been raised over the past two academic years, will enable the creation of thirty-five new bursaries, opening doors for bright, young individuals from underrepresented backgrounds. Additionally, the funds will support impactful and topical initiatives and programmes, specifically designed to empower and inspire young minds. Areas in which the initiatives will sit include STEM, enterprise, sports, and music.

Several exciting developments are already underway at Loughborough thanks to these charitable donations. A state-of-the-art recording studio equipped with a cutting-edge mixing console will enhance the Music Tech A-Level course, inspiring a vibrant community of passionate musicians across all age groups.

Furthermore, the Foundation’s commitment to sports will be strengthened through a new Player Pathway Programme in Rugby and Hockey, which will foster skill development on and off the pitch, elevating team performance to new heights. The funds have also supported the refurbishment of the Sixth Form Common Room at Loughborough High School, which will provide a welcoming space for pupils to socialise and adapt to sixth form life.

Laura-Jane Ryves, Director of Development, expressed her gratitude, stating: “We are incredibly grateful to our wonderful donor community, whose support has enabled us to raise over £3.3 million to provide bursaries and life-changing experiences for young people at our schools over the past two academic years.

In recent years, the significance of donations has become more crucial than ever. The impact of the pandemic, coupled with the ongoing cost of living crisis, has placed families throughout the UK in unprecedented financial hardship. Consequently, the barriers to accessing quality education have become increasingly difficult to overcome.

However, I firmly believe that the journey we are embarking upon will foster a more inclusive and diverse community, fully integrating young people from all backgrounds into the life of our schools. I hope that alumni, parents, and friends will continue to contribute through donations or volunteering, making a positive difference to our pupils, schools, and society as a whole.

The remarkable amount of funding raised over the past two years is evidence of the exceptional generosity and unwavering support of alumni, parents, and friends of the Loughborough Schools Foundation. It demonstrates a shared commitment to fostering inclusivity and equipping young individuals with the tools needed to thrive in an ever-changing world.”

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