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Here at LHS we believe that our purpose is to equip our pupils for the lives they will lead beyond school and to develop in them the confidence and skills necessary to become valued members of society. We want them to be able to recognise and seize the opportunities life will offer them and to have the flexibility to adapt to the rapid changes in life in the 21st century. We recognise the value of each girl as an individual, and the importance of nurturing every aspect of her personality – intellectual, creative, emotional, physical and spiritual. Tolerance and support for each other and the beliefs of the individuals are key to our community.

We celebrate our rich history and traditions and we value hard work and academic achievement. We also recognise that a broad education, encompassing an extensive range of extra-curricular activities, is essential in developing young women who are intellectually fulfilled, healthy and happy. Whatever the interests of our pupils we aim to enrich and develop them, whilst providing opportunities for new experiences and challenges.

We encourage the pupils at all times to discuss topics which are causing concern with the relevant staff, and we work together with parents to provide a secure and supportive environment where all ages, backgrounds and religions can thrive.

We believe that our pupils are shown that the basic standards of good behaviour require them to be considerate, polite, respectful and helpful towards each other. They learn to recognise the need to be responsible and reliable, to show loyalty appropriately and to support each other constructively.

Life at LHS is busy, productive and fun, and an environment where pupils and staff enjoy learning and working together.

Gifted & Talented

The school’s core educational aim is to provide an excellent academic education in a caring and supportive atmosphere where each girl is valued as an individual. We believe that the best possible provision for able, gifted and talented students involves creating a school environment that encourages all the girls to be enthusiastic about learning, have an intellectual curiosity and a desire to achieve their potential. They are encouraged to set high expectations of themselves both academically and pastorally so that they develop into well rounded, confident, reflective individuals ready to face the challenges and demands of life beyond school. This is done in an atmosphere where mutual respect, an awareness of each other’s needs and a desire to learn from mistakes are the norm.

In lessons, we are creating the conditions in which initiative, independent thought and inquiry are expected; where the girls feel confident to take an intellectual risk rather than always wanting to get it right. Staff are encouraged to find the balance between providing good academic support and enabling the girls to be resilient, autonomous, self-motivated learners. Extension material is used where appropriate and open ended tasks allow more able students to engage deeply or broadly with the subject matter.

Extra-curricular activities provide stimulating challenges for girls with a wide range of gifts and talents. Many are based on team working and so foster the development of personal qualities alongside intellectual, artistic or sporting ability. We are always exploring new opportunities to keep the range of activities lively and varied. The current selection includes: music examinations, science Olympiads, UKMT maths challenges, debating, Latin reading competition, CREST award projects, IFS exams, Young Enterprise, EPQ, ASC, Duke of Edinburgh’s award scheme, poetry competitions, musical ensembles, choirs, drama productions of all types, art and textiles competitions, Headmistress’s essay prize and numerous sporting opportunities.


At LHS there is a graduated approach to the provision made for pupils with Learning Difficulties. Quality First Teaching, differentiated for individuals, is the first step in responding to pupils who have, or may have, SEND. Where feasible, reasonable adjustments are made in the classroom to support all pupils in their learning. In addition, the school provides small group support lessons for pupils with a known Learning Difficulty, or for those who have been identified through screening and monitoring processes as having a relative weakness which may have an impact on their learning. Individual support lessons may sometimes be recommended for pupils whose needs cannot be met in a group situation. Furthermore, the school may seek the support of a specialist teacher or outside agency to deliver a time limited course or intervention.

The provision for EAL pupils is tailored to individual needs but may include some or all of the above.

Bursaries & Scholarships

Who is the scheme for?
The scheme helps able children whose parents cannot afford full independent school fees.
How much will parents be expected to contribute?

If your income is below a certain level a year you may have to pay very little towards the fees. The principles underlying the operation of the scheme are that parental income and assets must fall with a certain range to ensure eligibility and the amount of financial assistance provided each year by the Governors will be determined by the level of the parents’ income and assets in the preceding year.

Who will meet the remaining cost of the fees?
The Governors of the Loughborough Endowed Schools have bursary and bequest funds available. These funds will provide the money necessary to maintain the scheme. Funds are limited and it is not always possible to provide assistance to all those who are eligible. The contributions made by Governors to the school fees of those pupils who hold Foundation Bursaries will be reviewed annually and will always be at the discretion of the Governors.

How to apply?
To apply for assistance it is necessary to complete a form by the time of the entrance tests. Parents will know by mid-February whether or not a place can be offered and whether any help is available. The academic merit of pupils as well as the financial situation of the parents will be taken into account for the possible award of foundation bursaries.

For more information about Foundation Bursaries please click here.

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