From Resilience to Results: Queen’ Girls Triumph in GCSEs

From Resilience to Results: Queen’ Girls Triumph in GCSEs

24 August 2023

Watch our GCSE Results Day video.

It’s a day of triumph and pride at The Queen’s School as girls celebrate superb GCSE grades.

Results Day is about more than numbers and reflects the unwavering dedication, resilience, and hard work the pupils have poured into their academic journey.

Headmistress Sue Wallace-Woodroffe said: “Another proud day at Queen’s as we celebrate the impressive achievements of our Year 11 girls. Queen’s has always been a place where girls blossom into confident, resilient, and well-rounded young women and these results are a reflection of their dedication and hard work. Our pupils are not just academically successful, but they’re also equipped with the skills and confidence to thrive in their next steps.

“I am proud to see these young women progress into sixth form not only well-prepared academically, but also with the courage to explore, the adaptability to embrace challenges, and the compassion to contribute positively to society.

“Each girl has been guided by an exceptional team of staff who dedicate their time to providing the personalised support they need, and I also want to thank them for working so hard and passionately to provide the nurturing yet challenging environment Queen’s is renowned for.”

Almost 60% of girls achieved six or more grades 9-7 (A*-A) with nearly 75% of them celebrating at least one of the highest A* or 9/8 equivalent grades.

There was impressive success across departments with 100% of pupils studying Further Maths achieving the coveted grade 9. In languages our Mandarin and Latin pupils excelled achieving 100% of grades at A*-A or the 9-7 equivalent. Music pupils also achieved 100% 9-7, and in total 16 departments achieved over 80% of grades at 9-6 (A*-B).

In Art, 100% of grades were 9-6 (A*-B) and 92% of the History and DT grades were also achieved at this level.

All three science subjects also delivered impressive 9-6 grades with 91% in Biology and nearly 90% in both Chemistry and Physics.

In addition to our Year 11 girls collecting their results today, Julia in Year 10 achieved a grade 9 in Spanish and Simran in Year 10 achieved a grade 8 in Maths.

The Queen’s School is more than just a place of education; it’s a close-knit community where each pupil’s growth is nurtured in a small and supportive environment. The girls have shown that greatness can thrive in such nurturing settings.

Outstanding individual results include:

Sia Dicaprio (10×9, as well as a 9 in GCSE Psychology which she studied for independently at home. Sia also picked up an A* in A-level maths last week), Alicia Dixon (8×9, 1×8, 1xA*), Meher Punjabi (4×9, 5×8), Maahi Chauhan (6×9, 4×8, 1xB in FSMQ), Alexa Byrne (3×9, 5×8, 2×7), Grace Crook (4×9, 3×8, 2×7), Kirsten Robertson (5×9, 4×8, 1×7), Aurelia Sparkes (6×9, 3×8, 1×7), Millie Bellis (1×9, 2×8, 4×7, 3×6), Emily Bryce (4×9, 3×8, 1×7, 1×6), Elspeth Gray (2×8, 4×7, 1xA, 3×6), Anna Heyes (2×8, 3×7, 5×6), Zara Islip (1×9, 2×8, 4×7, 3×6), Hannah Longman (1×9, 3×8, 3×7, 2×6), Charlotte Oakden (3×9, 5×8, 1xA*, 1×6), Constance Peers (2×9, 3×8, 1×7, 4×6), Maggie Puleston-Davies ( 7×8, 2×7, 1×6), Isabel Stubbings (2×9, 1×8, 1xA*, 4×7, 2×6), Ella Tempero (3×8, 2×7, 4×6), Antonia Traista (7×9, 2×7, 1×6), Amy Turner (1×9, 1×8, 2×7, 5×6), Tamsin Watson (3×9, 2×8, 1×7, 1×6, 1xA in FSMQ) and Emma Yang (2×9, 6×8, 2×7, 1×6).

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