Yorkshire girls take part in #empowHER leadership conference

Yorkshire girls take part in #empowHER leadership conference

19 March 2024

Local girls follow in the footsteps of former Wakefield Girls’ High School students and business leaders

Girls from primary schools across the region have the opportunity to take part in a one day conference, #empowHER ‘24, on 7 June 2024 which offers girls aged 10 the chance to uncover their strengths, develop confidence and early leadership skills and qualities from business leaders.

The conference consists of 5 engaging workshops led by 5 leaders from different industries including corporate sustainability, law, mental health, fitness and engineering. The day begins with girls identifying and understanding their own strengths followed by activities designed to help each understand and develop the skills and qualities of good leaders, as well as activities to put the new skills into practice.

Head of Wakefield Girls’ Heidi-Jayne Boyes has been the driving force behind the event. As part of her role at the school she has long been passionate about the empowerment of her pupils. She said: “Role models play a vital role in helping young girls grow into empowered leaders. Role models are a fantastic way for students to see how leaders move through the world. Girls also need opportunities to be courageous and resilient, to grow in confidence and experience new things. How these elements work together in their boldest way, with academic learning, is what matters most and the key to success for girls, now and for the future. Supporting young girls to identify, develop and leverage their strengths from an early age can make a huge difference in the way they view themselves, interact with others and lead their lives.

“This is why we have created the #empowHER event – to give all girls the opportunity to learn new skills and to listen to successful women across the world of business. We want every child to be intellectually and socially confident, work-place and life-ready with a global outlook and concern for others.”

Wakefield Girls’ High School saw a wealth of enthusiasm for #empowHER last year. You can sign the girl in your life up for #empowHER ‘24 here https://wgsf.org.uk/wghs/empowher/

Wakefield Girls’ High School forms part of The Wakefield Grammar School Foundation which is made up of Wakefield Grammar Pre-Preparatory School and Queen Elizabeth Grammar School located in Wakefield. The Foundation aims to provide an education in a supportive, engaging and inclusive environment that inspires individuals to develop their abilities, strengthen their character and fulfil their potential. The Foundation schools are recognised as the top performing schools in Wakefield by The Good Schools Guide and rank within the top 10 northern independent schools by The Times.

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