St Margaret’s School, Hampstead

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There are 155 girls and 23 teachers in the St Margaret’s family. Like most schools, we want our girls to be happy, rounded and confident. Like most schools we want our girls to do their very best academically. We are fortunate that our size allows us to work towards reaching these goals with each girl on a personal level.

Every girl stands out at St Margaret’s. Here it is not only the tallest, most athletic girls who represent the school at netball, or the most extrovert who get the speaking roles in plays. Everyone is valued, and we encourage and celebrate excellence and enthusiasm in equally high measure.

Every girl is involved in the life and experiences that the school has to offer. In our recent anonymous survey, 100% of our girls said that they really liked being at this school and 100% of our parents said they would recommend it to another parent. Why not come and find out why?

Gifted & Talented

There is a school-wide mapped out programme of support for the more able, ranging from embedded open ended investigative project work to clubs designed to stimulate curiosity to attendance of workshops such as the Salters’ Chemistry Festival.


We have learning support for routine issues such as dyslexia. Most learning support is addressed by small class sizes allowing greater differentiation, but there are extra lessons for girls on the SEN register provided by the two SENCos and other staff.

Bursaries & Scholarships

Means-tested bursaries up to 100% are available.

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