CLC Pupils Achieve Record-Breaking GCSE Results

CLC Pupils Achieve Record-Breaking GCSE Results

23 August 2018


Despite 2018 bringing a turbulent year of GCSE reforms nationally, with many students’ results now coming under both the old A*-E and the new 9-1 grading systems, pupils at CLC have achieved an impressive 92.2% of all results at the A*-A / 9-7 grade.

Under the new system, grade 9 is classified as higher than an A* grade. At Cheltenham Ladies’ College, 42.3% results were awarded this highest 9 grade, nearly 10 times the national average of 4.3% of grades.

Top achievers at the school include 25 girls who have received straight A* / 9 / 8 grades, accounting for more than a fifth of the total year group. Remarkably, almost two thirds of pupils (65.3%) have achieved straight A*-A / 9-7 grades across all their subjects.

Students have been awarded over 90% A*-A / 9-7 grades across 19 subjects. These include core subjects such as Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths and English Literature, many languages including German, Arabic, Italian, Chinese, French, Japanese and Russian, and a broad range of other subjects such as History, Geography, Art, Food & Nutrition, Music, PE and RS.

Across the cohort of 118 pupils taking GCSEs at the school, A*-B / 9-5 grades account for 98.8% results this year.

Eve Jardine-Young, Principal of Cheltenham Ladies’ College, said: “These spectacular results reflect the dedication and commitment of all our girls and staff, and I am absolutely delighted for them all.”

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