LEH School takes a day off classes to promote wellbeing

LEH School takes a day off classes to promote wellbeing

18 October 2018

Students and staff at LEH came off timetable for the day, when activities designed to promote physical and psychological wellbeing included brain training for emotional resilience, techniques to “rewire your anxious brain”, how to get the best night’s sleep ever, creative and mindful responses to Art, and a Mindspace Garden Project, where students helped create a tranquil space in the school’s grounds where they may spend time alone or with friends.

The Wellbeing Day is part of a comprehensive pastoral programme to support the girls’ physical and mental wellbeing. The aim is to help pupils find balance and fulfilment in their sometimes hectic lives. By understanding how their bodies and minds function, the School believes students can learn to look after themselves better during times of stress.

Mrs Hanbury, LEH’s Head, commented; “It has never been more important that we concentrate our efforts on keeping students happy and healthy. Every day a new article appears in the press underlining the challenges young people face, particularly teenage girls. They are under a huge range of pressures, including exams, body image issues, and the pressure created by social media. It is our responsibility to prioritise wellbeing and not just concentrate on exam results. LEH is absolutely convinced that exam success and student happiness are not mutually exclusive.”

Paula Mortimer, Head of the Junior School, stated, “So often we hear people say ‘I don’t have time for myself…’ or ‘I need to make more time to do this…’. At LEH we teach our children about the importance of making time for themselves and doing the things they enjoy and that make them happy. Whether it is running around outside, playing games, painting, dog walking, reading or sport, the aim of our Wellbeing Day programme is to encourage our pupils to enjoy time on their own, time with friends as well as the time and space to discover other interests and hobbies.”


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