Rhymin’ Royal – Poetry Day at The Royal School

Rhymin’ Royal – Poetry Day at The Royal School

21 June 2019

Tuesday 18 June was Poetry Day at The Royal Senior School! Teachers incorporated the poetry theme into lessons, and poems were written on subjects as diverse as chemistry and IT.

Pupils enjoyed poetry activities at break, lunch-time and after school. Ms Broadfoot, Librarian, said, “Hearing a student conduct the Poetry Choir of Mr Hewson, Mrs Heys-Limonard, Mrs Purcell, Mr Simmons and Miss Johnson was wonderful! Poems by Les Murray, Maya Angelou, and Langston Hughes among others were performed and enjoyed this way.

The Paintchip Poetry activity was very popular with many students taking home the colourful bookmarks they made. Blackout poetry was also very well-received. Boys and girls painstakingly sought out the ‘art form within another art form’, by selecting and connecting some of the words on a novel’s page to create an original poem.

Magnetic Poetry, Acrostic Poems and ‘Pow’erful Onomatopoeia Poems were some of the other activities on the day. Who knew bubble wrap, cups and canisters could be used to such dramatic effect? For the final, and quite demanding challenge, students created Book Spine Poems by selecting books and piling them so reading downwards was a poem.” A perfectly poetic day!

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