Letters from The Queen’s School gratefully received by care home residents

Letters from The Queen’s School gratefully received by care home residents

23 April 2020

Letters from our Year 2 pupils have been brightening the lives of residents at Crabwall Hall Care Home.

The girls wrote letters which were greatly received by residents who thoroughly enjoyed listening to the girls likes and dislikes, and their stories of lighthouses and ponies. The Activity Co-ordinator wrote back to us to say how much the residents loved reading the letters and how impressed they were with the hand writing, grammar and spelling for such a young age group.

One of the residents, Audrey, a retired teacher, has also written a lovely letter back to the girls and they hope to receive more letters in the near future. The letter can be found below and we hope to arrange a visit for the girls to the care home when we return to school.

Dear girls of 2L,

My name is Audrey and I have lived in Crabwall Hall Care Home for three years. I was a teacher in an infant school until I retired, my pupils were aged 5-8 years. I loved my job and envy your teachers.

I want you to know that what is happening now will pass. I was 7 years old when the war started and I had to leave my parents in Liverpool. Luckily I did not go to strangers, as many of my friends did, I went to my grandparents. After a year, I went home again and we lived through the bombing and food shortages.

We were so glad when peace came after 4 years, and we all hope this virus will be beaten much sooner.

Do write again if you can, I do so enjoy receiving and writing letters.

Best wishes


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