St George’s, Ascot opens new Cookery and Food Technology Room

St George’s, Ascot opens new Cookery and Food Technology Room

29 April 2021

Last term’s period of enforced quiet at St George’s provided the ideal opportunity to get to work! An existing large classroom has been redeveloped to create an exciting, modern space with seven cooking stations and capacity for fourteen pupils to work. There is, in addition, a teacher’s work station where pupils are able to watch demonstrations, supported by televisions and overhead cameras to ensure the girls can observe technique in detail. The school has consciously chosen to use eco-friendly induction hobs within the design of each station both to minimise energy usage and also allow for the use of renewable energy in keeping with St George’s commitment to sustainability and the environment.

The development of this new space has also enabled the School to repurpose the former Cookery room for much needed domestic staff changing rooms and toilets. This will be a welcome addition for Support Staff behind the scenes, significantly improving their working conditions and alleviating a number of identified ‘pinch points’ particularly in the context of Covid safety.

During lockdown, many from across the St George’s community gathered each Friday evening, under the expert tutelage of Mrs Jones, the Leiths trained teacher, to cook supper together online. The huge popularity of ‘Friday Feasts’ showcased the tangible way in which Cookery, as a skill, has built and strengthened the school community, facilitating that sense of connection that is central to the St George’s ethos.

Girls, staff and families alike, are thrilled that the new Cookery and Food Technology Room was ready for action at the start of this Summer Term. Mrs Jones explains, “The space, the facilities, the high quality of the equipment give us new scope to be far more adventurous and explore everything that makes Cookery such a pleasure.”

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