Year 10 put through their paces by the Royal Navy

Year 10 put through their paces by the Royal Navy

16 September 2021

Our new Year 10 students had an action-packed start to their Key Stage 4 journey with a special Team Building day with the Royal Navy.

The aim of the day was to get the academic year off to a great start by undertaking a range of activities designed to promote teamwork, friendship, resilience, communication and problem-solving skills while having some good fun as well.

Students worked as a team to solve command task problems and complete physical challenges to build resilience and determination – key qualities needed for the GCSE years.

Forms work in teams to build the highest free standing radio tower using huge Meccano; to remove a faulty core from a mock nuclear reactor using just rope and their wits; and completed physical challenges on an imagery ship. At the end of the day they all came together as a year group to design and build paper rockets and the rain didn’t stop them firing those rockets to see just how high they would go. A great day was had by all.

We would like to thank the Navy for delivering the day for us and helping us get the Year 10s mentally prepared for the exciting challenges of the year ahead.

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