Loughborough High School girls awarded a top slot in chemistry competition!

Loughborough High School girls awarded a top slot in chemistry competition!

23 January 2024

Five teams of Year 9, 10 and 11 girls from Loughborough High School took part in the Royal Society of Chemistry’s Top of the Bench Competition towards the end of last year.

The annual competition, which has been running for over 20 years, is designed to inspire excitement about chemistry, and fuel students’ curiosity around the subject.

The number of schools entering the Top of the Bench Competition this year had almost tripled since last year, meaning that the competition was extremely tight. However, despite this, Loughborough High School finished as the highest independent school team in Leicestershire narrowly losing out by one point to competing in the Reginal Finals at Derby University.

This was a wonderful achievement with congratulations going to all those students who took part in the competition, including Lizzie E, Florence P, Heather B, Sanjana K, Prarthana S, Aashi D, Amelia H, Siya R, Leela J, Alexa H, Anya T, Avani V, Charlotte R, Holly P, Sophie T, Siyona G, Tyra C, Deeya T, Kheli S and Meghna S.

Head of Chemistry at Loughborough High School, Anna Williamson said: “The RSc Top of the Bench competition challenges the students to work in a team and it tests their theoretical knowledge, practical ability and problem-solving skills. There was a lovely atmosphere in the room as the students deliberated their responses in their teams before submitting their answers online.”

“Competitions like these are so valuable as they enable the students to see the exciting career options available to those with a background in Chemistry/Science including fundamental research with international companies which may have a major impact in the future.”

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