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Big enough to challenge; small enough to care

Pupils attending Rye St Antony School are enabled to reach their full academic potential by having access to first class teaching, unrivalled facilities and extra-curricular opportunities that develop them as individuals.

Recent inspections have rated our School as ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted and ‘Excellent’ by the Independent Schools Inspectorate. Set in a beautiful twelve-acre site only 1 mile from the centre of Oxford, Rye pursues academic excellence whilst believing that every pupil is an individual and encouraging their talents in whatever field that may be. Academic standards are high but we never forget that life skills are also important to prepare our pupils for a successful, fulfilling and happy life.

Gifted & Talented

All pupils, whatever their ability, have a right to a challenging and appropriate education. Our aim is to ensure that high-ability learners, as other pupils, have sufficient opportunities, both within the curriculum and beyond, to realise their potential so that they can excel. The Enrichment Policy is an inclusive one: promoting an atmosphere that is positive and conducive to success helps high-ability learners and their fellow pupils as well. The Enrichment Policy supports the school’s aim to provide an environment in which the full potential and individuality of each of its members can be achieved.


The school has a Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator and a team of five Learning Support Teachers of whom two are teachers of English as a Foreign Language. The department also supports Specific Learning Difficulties, examination skills, and counselling.

Learning support tuition is available, at an extra fee, for any pupil, whether for help in a specific area or with wider study skills needs.

Bursaries & Scholarships


Four 11+, three 13+ and four 16+ scholarships are available each year, each scholarship to the value of 10% fees. One of the 16+ scholarships is the Patsy Sumpter Scholarship established in 2012 as a sixth form award for achievement and potential in the Humanities.

Please see the school’s website for details of closing dates for entries and examination and interview dates.
All applicants are required to submit an application form and a portfolio which gives evidence in support of the scholarship application. Application forms are available from the Headmistress. See below for directions concerning the portfolio.

Scholarships are awarded in recognition of academic achievement and/or performance in some other area (for example, music, art, drama or sport), the methods of assessment varying according to the subject(s) offered and including usually a written examination. For 11+ and 13+ applicants, the examination comprises two one-hour papers, one in English and one in mathematics; for 16+ applicants, the examination comprises a one-hour general essay and a one-hour subject essay.

The assessment process also includes an interview for each short-listed applicant by the Scholarship Committee – a panel of members of staff, Headmistress and Governors. The Scholarship Committee’s decision on the award of the scholarships will be final.

The Portfolio: Guidelines for Applicants

The portfolio should include:

  • an account of how you first became involved in your chosen subject area
  • details of activities and competitions in which you have participated in pursuit of your interest, and details of your achievements and awards
  • an outline of how you plan to develop your interest and talent
  • examples of your work, together with photographs, certificates and other support material

The portfolio should be submitted with the application form to the School Office by the closing date for applications. It will be tabled at interview for discussion with the Scholarship Committee. It will be returned to you at your feedback session with the Headmistress, a session to which you will be invited, following your written notification of the outcome of your application.


Bursaries are available for girls entering Year 3 and above. The Rye bursary programme is designed for pupils entering Year 3 and above from a low income background. The programme exists to help highly motivated pupils who may not be able to achieve their academic potential without our support.

Please contact the Bursary for information regarding bursaries.

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