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A school which…

Empowers girls to pursue ideals and knowledge unafraid;

Inspires achievement beyond the bound of expectation;

Celebrates a caring culture of warm relationships and diversity.

Streatham & Clapham High School offers an inspiring, enlightened and intellectually challenging education for its pupils in a lively, dynamic and warmly supportive environment. Our family ethos enables us to know, value and nurture each pupil as an individual. We celebrate diversity and draw strength from the school’s rich social and cultural mix. Last year our pupils achieved their best-ever examination results, placing the school in the top 20% of independent schools nationally.

The pursuit of excellence is thus our defining feature. We believe that all members of the school community should be inspired to outperform expectations on a daily basis. Our pupils are nurtured to attain success across the widest spectrum of activity, extending far beyond the conventional ‘academic’ horizon. In so doing, they learn the beauty of reason, the allure of the aesthetic, and the vitality of the physical. Whether they are very able or late developers, whether they love sport, music or drama or are budding scientists and engineers, our pupils learn to navigate the landscape of the human spirit and achieve beyond the realms of expectation.

The school’s exceptional pastoral care enables pupils to make outstanding progress, both academically and in their personal development. As such, they mature into confident, accomplished and well-adjusted young women, prepared for the challenges of university education and their future careers. Above all, SCHS pupils become attached to ideals which will undoubtedly colour their actions and decisions throughout their adult lives.

Gifted & Talented

Many of SCHS’s pupils fall into the ‘most able’ category and our aim is to challenge, stimulate and stretch them so that they achieve beyond the bounds of expectation. Every department has a gifted-and-talented co-ordinator who identifies pupils who are potential high achievers, drawing on a wide range of information sources in the identiciation process. Such pupils are stretched through a bespoke programme providing a wide variety of opportunities, including participation in university workshops, academic societies, extra-curricular activities, national and international competitions, summer schools, masterclasses, and so on. The school’s dedicated booklet on this subject includes subject-specific strategies and is available on request or at open days.


The school caters for pupils with mild specific learning difficulties. Pupils identified as requiring such support receive guidance and appropriate tuition from our expert Learning Support Department, which undertakes appropriate work with pupils in a group setting, usually on a weekly basis.

Bursaries & Scholarships

Academic scholarships. A number of academic scholarships, worth up to a maximum of 50% of fees, are available for 11+ entrance. They are not means-tested. Candidates who perform highly in the 11+ entrance examination are invited to a scholarship interview, and awards are made on the basis of individual candidates’ performance in the entrance examination and interview. A number of sixth-form academic scholarships are also available, on the basis of a written assessment and interview.

Specialist scholarships. Specialist scholarships are awarded at 11+ in the fields of Art, Drama, Music and Sport. Further details are available on the school website.

Bursaries. A small number of means-tested bursaries are available at 11+. All requests are considered in confidence and application forms are available from the Registrar (

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