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JAGS is a 4-18 academically selective school for girls with a passion for life and learning. Our pupils are drawn from a variety of social, cultural and economic backgrounds, which contributes to the success and character of JAGS. We celebrate the fact that our girls speak some 50 home languages. Our long tradition of awarding means-tested bursaries enables as many as possible to enjoy a JAGS education, regardless of income. Currently between 16 and 20% of each year group benefit from our bursaries, with an average of 89% fee support.

Excellent specialist teachers and stimulating guest speakers help to expand horizons. Creative talent is displayed in writing, in pupil art and design works round the school and on loan in London, in performances in music, drama and dance. We are proud of our sporting opportunities and outstanding national and international achievements, our wealth of active community partnerships and our Green Flag award. Pupils and teachers alike demonstrate an enquiring, enthusiastic approach to science, languages and all learning and teaching. There’s a shared sense of purpose and fun in whole school fundraising events for charities. Concern for others is at the heart of everything we do and is voiced in our school ethos: Care, Courtesy and Consideration. Girls develop a strong sense of social awareness, feel safe and supported in their relationships and always have someone to turn to.

Our examination results are consistently amongst the best in the country. From here girls can, and do, go on to achieve highly, whatever choices they make. They leave here well-informed, active citizens, eager to make a difference.

Gifted & Talented

We are privileged to have many highly able and talented girls at JAGS and our highly qualified, specialist teachers are well equipped to meet their needs. Opportunities to go way beyond the norm are rich and diverse here. Girls take the initiative to enter national and international competitions such as Juvenes Translatores, Rotary Youth Makes Music, or the UK Maths Challenge. There are Young Art competitions, Salters Chemistry competitions, prize essay, poetry, Latin verse and debating competitions, opportunities to be writers and editors of the school magazine, Arkwright Design & Technology scholarships to sit. Talented sports players are introduced to specialist coaching opportunities out of school to enhance their individual development, and our squads regularly win national and international recognition. Music tours abroad and Drama tours to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival extend the range of experience and connections. Music Scholars have the opportunity to play a concerto of their choice in their final year.

Academically, it is our role to challenge the most able to research further and deeper and pursue their passions, not just offering a diet of more of the same. For example, a formal qualification, the EPQ, encourages those who wish to deepen their independent investigative work to submit an Extended Project in the Sixth Form and younger girls undertake fascinating research and enquiries in small groups or as individuals.


JAGS has a small number of pupils with identified special education needs and /or disabilities including mild dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD, hearing disability and limited sight who need more help to achieve their potential and to play a full part in the life of the school.

In our Prep School, JAPS, pupils may be withdrawn from lessons for additional specialist support. In the senior school it’s about adopting appropriate classroom strategies and focussing on study skills in extra sessions at lunchtimes. All senior school pupils are expected to cope with mainstream lessons and we don’t withdraw pupils from lessons. Our SENCOs keep up to date pupil profiles and are on hand to advise teaching staff and liaise with parents. Our School Nurses are always available to help pupils with physical disabilities.

Bursaries & Scholarships

Recognising exceptional academic promise, we award Academic Scholarships on the results of our 11+ Entrance Examination. Art and Music Scholarships and Sports Exhibitions are also awarded to candidates showing outstanding potential. Sixth Form Academic, Music and Art Scholarships are also awarded.

We want JAGS to continue to attract intellectually curious girls, regardless of their economic background, so we have our own means-tested awards – James Allen’s Bursaries – at 11+ and 16+. At present, bursaries are available for 11+ entry and Sixth Form admission and they offer up to full-fee assistance, including the cost of lunches, travel to school, trips and uniform.

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