James Allen’s Prep School girls learn survival skills in the great outdoors

James Allen’s Prep School girls learn survival skills in the great outdoors

28 September 2017

The three day adventure took place at The Bushcraft Company’s site in Oxfordshire. 

Lighting fires, building shelters and first aid were just some of the survival skills the girls learnt during their time sleeping under the stars.

“It was a thrilling and exhilarating experience as I had never been camping before in my life. We trudged along the squelchy mud and leaped over the vast, sage puddles to before we reached the campsite. We made our tribe shelters by tying a rope to two trees and putting some waterproof material over it and tying it to two logs dug into the ground. On the second day, we camouflaged and painted each others’ faces. Hopefully,you will enjoy Bushcraft as much as I did!Hina

“I loved sleeping in the shelters because it was like sleeping under the stars and I could listen to all the sounds of the forest” Phoebe

“I loved Bushcraft. What they told us was so interesting!. We learnt several different ways of creating fires and shelters. The camp instructors treated us as if we were grown up. It was amazing!” Lara

“As the tall trees were swaying in the gentle breeze we strolled into the forest hearing all of the wildlife. Bushcraft was an amazing way to make new friends and learn a lot about how beautiful nature is.” Elizabeth

“At night when we were sleeping we heard muntjac deer and owls! After a salmon dinner I volunteered to try the fish eye! It was horrible but at least we got four marshmallows afterwards!” Nia

“We returned to school with loads of amazing stories. I was sad when I left Bushcraft but I brought back wonderful memories from that lovely forest.” Giulia


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