Prior’s Field GCSE results bring a wave of celebration and relief

Prior’s Field GCSE results bring a wave of celebration and relief

24 August 2023

Just under 80 girls were eagerly awaiting the grand reveal of their GCSE results at Prior’s Field today and were rewarded with a wonderful 54% of all grades in the 9 to 7 band. Each journey through their studies and the grades achieved, is a unique story. Individual successes were shared, celebrated, and recognised, but without a need for comparison, because here girls know it is about what achievement looks like, for them.

Emma Sparrevohn, Jessenia Bari and Flo Ivey were all celebrating a fantastic range of grades including a host of top 9s and were among the students who began their Prior’s Field journeys together at the age of 11 and were already showing their strengths. Emma’s hattrick of 9s in triple Science see her unsurprisingly setting her sights on a future medical career. Charlotte Kilty achieved a stunning nine 9s and joined Prior’s Field having relocated from Germany in 2018. Other students who came to Prior’s Field via a different route include Siena Beckley who spent her early years of study in South Africa and Qatar before joining Prior’s Field in Year 10. Siena worked additionally hard to make up the gap of missing being taught the WW1 section of her GCSE history and said she is most proud today of her 9 in History matched by a further Six 9s, one 8 and two 7s.

Rachel Brickhill also joined Prior’s Field a little later than the majority of the cohort, but quickly showed a phenomenal creative talent, scooping many House Art awards over the last two years and top 9s today in Fine Art, Textiles, English Literature and RS. Having broken four sewing machine needles over the course of her Textiles practical she has opted to keep her creativity going, through the study of Fine Art, History of Art and Graphics for A Levels, but the sewing machine will be having a rest!

Head Mrs Tracy Kirnig said:

“Prior’s Field students have once again made me so proud today. The wonderful grades aside, it is the way these girls support and celebrate each other – that makes me admire them. This is a large and diverse cohort with an array of talents and strengths and many differing journeys ahead. It was such a joy to see so many of them and their families take the opportunity to come to school today and open their results together and share”.

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