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Northwood College for Girls identifies the strengths, guides the enthusiasms and unlocks the potential of each girl.

A safe and happy place: imbued with a culture of wellbeing, trust and respect for oneself and others. Academic achievement is set within the broader development of the whole person – social, cultural, spiritual and physical as well as intellectual.

Emphasis is placed on moral development – values that serve as a life-long moral compass.

A powerful learning environment: the focus on girls’ learning is reflected in the design of learning spaces, the use of digital technology, a challenging and rewarding curriculum and a focus on pupils taking responsibility for their learning and having the confidence to take intellectual risks.

Inspiring teaching, inspired learning, inspirational leadership: we recognise that how pupils learn is as important as what they learn, so our girls are encouraged to explore, debate and learn from their mistakes in a supportive but challenging environment. Each pupil is encouraged to realise her potential through the monitoring of progress, both academic and personal, and the setting of appropriate targets.

In a school dedicated to girls, teachers know that classroom dynamics are of vital importance. The tasks set, the nature of questioning and the quality of feedback are designed to encourage open discussion, exploration and risk-taking.

Passionate about learning within and beyond the classroom, our exceptional teachers engage students and parents in the process. Involved in the wider life of the school, each member of staff exemplifies our values within and beyond our community.


Northwood College for Girls is a selective school and we offer places to children with specific learning difficulties, e.g. children with dyslexia and/or dyspraxia. We also offer places to children with disabilities, physical impairments and/or medical problems and others if we feel that we can provide appropriate support for their learning needs.

We try to ensure that all pupils have the same access to all areas of the curriculum if at all possible. Differences in programmes of study only occur on rare occasions where this is in the best interests of the pupil.

In accordance with our Admissions Policy, prospective pupils with a specific learning  difficulty or disability are assessed on the basis of their academic suitability for the school. The criteria and procedures will not disadvantage applicants with specific learning difficulties and disabilities.

Discussions about the support required for pupils will be separate from assessment for their suitability. Hence, should any child have already been identified with a specific learning difficulty and/or disability, relevant reports should be brought to school so that the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) in Junior or Senior School can look at them.

The Learning Support Teacher’s expertise is sought if teachers, including the Head Mistress, are concerned about a child and whether she is suitable for Northwood College for Girls.

Appropriate access arrangements will be made for any candidate for whom a report from a Specialist Teacher/ Assessor or Educational Psychologist, or a recommendation from the Head and SENCO of the candidate’s current school has been received.

Bursaries & Scholarships

For Entry at Year 7 (11+)
A limited number of Academic, Music, Sport and Art and Design scholarships are awarded annually to girls entering Year 7 of the Senior School.

The Academic Scholarships are determined by performance in the Year 7 Entrance Tests, together with the Group Interview and a School Reference. All girls will automatically be considered for this.

If shortlisted, girls who have applied for a Music Scholarship will have an audition with members of the Music Department on the day of their group interview. Auditions will include:
• The performance of a piece on the girl’s main instrument, ideally of Grade 4 standard or higher, but it is not a requirement to have passed a graded examination. If your daughter’s Music teacher feels that your daughter is naturally gifted and plays at around the Grade 4 level or higher please consider applying.
• The performance of a piece on a second instrument, or a vocal piece. If the candidate has only one instrument, then she should perform a second, contrasting piece on her main
• Some short aural and sight-reading tests.
• An informal discussion.
There will be no written music papers. The musical potential of a candidate will be considered as well as achievement. Music staff will accompany the girls as necessary, but girls may bring their own accompanist if they wish. Music scholars will be expected to play a leading role in the musical life of the school by attending choirs, orchestras and other groups and to contribute to concerts, open mornings and such.

For the Art and Design Scholarship, a candidate’s potential will be considered as well as achievement. Girls will be required to design a colour poster and undertake a 50 minute observational drawing test. After these tests, if selected, shortlisted candidates will be asked to bring a portfolio of up to five pieces of art, craft or design work showing their creative talents. This may include both two and three dimensional work.

For the Sports Scholarship, girls applying should be competing at a minimum of Club Level, but preferably at County or District Level. Candidates will need to produce a Sports CV and, if shortlisted, have a Sport Assessment on the day of their 11+ Interview.

All successful candidates will be expected to take a full and active part in the extra-curricular programme of the College and to continue to make satisfactory progress.

If you wish your daughter to be considered for any of these scholarships, please contact Mrs Jemma Davidson, Registrar.  Further details will also be sent to you once the registration form is received.

For Sixth Form Entry (16+)
Sixth Form Academic Scholarships are usually awarded subject to GCSE results.

The Girls’ Day School Trust provides a limited number of means-tested Bursaries to enable suitably qualified girls to enter or remain in the Senior School. They are available for entry into Year 7 and Year 12.

GDST Bursaries are awarded on the basis of financial need, though academic merit is taken into account. Bursary applications are assessed independently by the Fees Office of the GDST and applications take into account parental income and assets.

Bursaries to the value of 100% of fees can be awarded depending on individual circumstances.

Parents will still have to pay for travel to and from school, uniform and any optional extras.

To be eligible for a bursary in Year 7 a candidate must be within the top 25% in the Consortium entrance examination. Bursaries must be applied for no later than the end of November prior to entry the following September.

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