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The Royal Masonic School for Girls has long been associated with the very best of girls’ education, inside and outside the classroom, academically and pastorally. The individual child is at the heart of all that we do.

We are a school that is brave enough to do things differently, and to only do what is right for the girls as individuals. At RMS the focus is on the process of improving as a learner, both inside and outside the classroom, and on a healthy learning culture where girls do not obsess about the endpoint, but rather are committed to self-improvement. Our girls of all ages are privileged to be taught by dedicated, talented teachers. Our recent ISI Inspection, which reported that all our students make excellent progress, also highlighted our success in meeting our aim “to help pupils learn and achieve without undue pressure” – and our girls certainly do achieve; in 2017, half of all grades at A Level were A* or A; and our girls frequently reach the highest levels in sports, and in the fields of visual or performing arts. Pastorally, RMS is also quite exceptional – teachers are given the time to know what is distinctive about each girl, what is important to her, her talents, context and needs at each stage of her education, and the School responds in flexible, nuanced ways to each girl’s needs. Our co-curricular offering is outstanding, with over 50 activities for each year group in any given term, allowing each and every girl to discover, follow and broaden her passions.

We are extremely fortunate in our location and superb facilities, set in over two hundred acres of the most beautiful grounds. Twenty-first century boarding at RMS provides the support of a family to full-time and flexi-boarders, and the integration between day girls and boarders is something that we pride ourselves on.

Gifted & Talented

Our G and T program is intended to reflect the school’s inclusive ethos, whilst encouraging the ablest in whatever sphere of activity to stretch themselves. The range of potential pupils extends well beyond narrow academic confines so as to include those who show marked creative or sporting bent.

Pupils are selected for inclusion in the cohort on the basis of their performance in various base-line and school-specific tests and assessments, and also according to their perceived ability. Teacher input is vital to this and we canvass for regular updates from departments throughout the school so as to keep our lists up to date. Consistently with this, we encourage individual departments or subject specialisms to appoint their own ‘Able and Interested’ coordinator within their particular field. The two whole-school co-ordinators maintain overview on the basis of these reports, encourage and share teaching methods likely to be particularly successful with able pupils, and inform the staff as a whole of promising new initiatives. Currently, the whole-school coordinators also run co-curricular initiatives of their own, intended for but not confined to, able children. In addition, they are in regular contact with our Preparatory Department and with those in the Senior School particularly concerned with university application (Oxbridge especially), and with sporting, artistic and musical initiatives. The co-ordinators are also keen to encourage among colleagues opportunities for continuing academic development within their subject areas, as distinct from purely pedagogical projects. These might take the form, for example, of informal lecture sessions, conducted either by outsiders or existing members of staff.
In all these ways, specifically linked to G and T, the school hopes to encourage academic interest and aspiration among all members of the community.


A qualified Director of Learning Support co-ordinates a team of specialists who offer individual and group lessons to girls who require learning support. The Learning Support team is fully integrated with the pastoral and academic departments across the school to support an holistic approach to learning.

All girls are screened to detect literacy difficulties and parents are kept closely informed. Appropriate accommodation is made for girls to use a laptop in class, and all staff work to ensure that girls with Specific Learning Difficulties fulfil their potential. Where appropriate, students can be assessed for access arrangement in external examinations.

For girls with English as an Additional Language, specialist teaching is available in school. Girls are prepared for external qualifications, such as IELTS or the Cambridge ESOL examinations, as appropriate.

Bursaries & Scholarships

The Royal Masonic School for Girls is committed to demonstrating that we provide public benefit and we regard it as educationally beneficial to widen access to the education we offer; this has always been a distinctive feature of RMS whose foundation was essentially charitable.

Scholarships and exhibitions are offered to encourage and reward excellence; they are awarded in recognition of outstanding achievement or promise in a particular sphere and involve financial support up to a maximum of 25% of the annual fee. Scholars will be given regular opportunities for prominence and leadership within their given specialism. Academic scholars will be expected to maintain high standards of work across the curriculum.

Bursaries provide financial assistance to enable suitable girls whose parents could not otherwise afford the fees to benefit, or continue to benefit, from an education at The Royal Masonic School for Girls. These awards are subject to means testing.

The number of awards made each year will vary according to the quality and circumstances of candidates and the availability of funds. Unlike many other schools, RMS does not have a separate endowment fund for such fees assistance which is all financed directly from school income within a budget authorised by the Governors. Please note that, due to the limited funds available, it is not usual for Bursaries to be awarded to pupils below Year 7.

Full details can be found on our website .

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